Internationally-known energy healer and shaman Manex Ibar is a multi-talented spiritual scientist and entrepreneur of consciousness and sustainable life systems, guiding individuals and businesses towards optimization through a combination of modalities including Human Design, Energetics, Remote Viewing, Shamanism, Kabbala, and genetics.

For the past 15 years, he has used Human Design – a modality that combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, Shamanism, contemporary physics, and the Chakra system – as a tool to guide people towards a deeper understanding of themselves and to begin a journey of healing, understanding, acceptance, and optimization of their true nature.

Manex is also the creator of Chakra Essential Oils, plant-based botanical oils which bridge the indigenous with science for personal health and well being. This collection of 9 high-vibrational botanical remedies are crafted to optimize mind, body, and spirit.

In this interview, Manex discusses how his shamanic and Human Design work influenced these oils, how they work to balance our vital energy centers best ways to use them, and more.

How has your shamanic and Human Design work informed the creation of these oils?

Both fields played a huge role in the creation of these specially blended oils. With over 22 years of shamanic experiences, plants have played a big part in my life, ranging from the use of delicate flower essences, essential oils, and fumigation (burning plants like sage and copal) to ceremonies involving powerful shamanic plants like ayahuasca, san pedro, and fungi. Over time, I have developed a very powerful personal connection to plants and their use in bringing us back to harmony with ourselves and nature. I have been studying and using Human Design for 10 years, and the knowledge of the energetic system, chakras, and energy patterns has depend my understanding of the mechanics of energy.

Having always used a combination of essential oils in my personal sessions, I saw the need for a line of oils that aligned with each chakra’s frequency. With my combination of knowledge on plants and our energetic systems gained from my shamanic experiences with plants and Human Design teachings, I was able to create a unique product – chakra essence oils.

How do these oils bring balance to our vital energy centers?

In simple terms, the frequency of each oil matches the frequency of each energy center. Through resonance, this supports the wellbeing of each chakra. Each chakra has several different frequencies, which can be seen in a Human Design bodygraph, where each chakra has different connections linked to our our specific genetics. Our chakras fluctuate while they interpret the energetic information in our daily experiences, vibrating at different frequencies as they process. Each plant in the blend corresponds to a specific frequency of each chakra within the endocrine system. By combining several plants into one oil, we are able to support the full spectrum of frequencies for each chakra, allowing us to stay aligned and balanced.

Throughout our lives, there are many factors that condition us to function inappropriately which throws our chakras out of alignment. These oils help create a supportive and sustainable energetic field that aligns and empowers each chakra, giving it the energy needed to heal, balance, and energize itself. Through continued use (at least 21 days) the energy center begins to work efficiently in its natural way, having support from the plants in each bottle. The oils also help clear emotions, psychological blocks, and physical symptoms of illness all relating to energetics.

More and more, scientists are finding that our physical function is based on an energetic reality. This was first unveiled by quantum physics, and is now being proven by several ongoing experiments. In Western science and thought, our knowledge of energy is very limited, while in the eastern traditions, all has been well documented. It is time for science to catch up to the essence of being, or energetic consciousness. Energetic consciousness is the basis of our vital energy centers, and these chakra essence oils are a fundamental energetic medicine that help us return to balance.

What makes each oil different? Should they be applied to different parts of the body?

Each oil blend contains a combination 9-12 different plants, formulating unique fragrances that define each bottle as a different bouquet of scents. Each blend is associated with a different energy center and part of the body, making one different from the next. Even though every oil is created for a specific chakra, some elements are effective across multiple energy centers because the centers communicate and process information together. So while there will be some similarities in resonance from one bottle to another, each is unique. In theory, you can use the oils on different chakras and some aspects will still be effective, but it is best to use the oil specified for each energy center or symptom for the most potent results.

In terms of their use, I recommend applying the oils on the appropriate vital energy center. For example, the first oil in the set (Trust) is designed for the root chakra, so placing drops of this oil on the pubis and coccyx at the base of the spine will evoke the strongest effect. I would also add drops on the bottom of the feet and the wrists to help open up and support the vital energetics. The second chakra is in the lower belly, the third is behind on the spine and nervous system, the fourth is on the spleen and pancreas, the fifth is on the solar plexus, the sixth is on the heart, the seventh is on the throat, the eighth is on the forehead, and the ninth is above the crown of the head.

I usually suggest to put a drop of each oil behind each ear, where the limbic system of the brain can best use the oil to clear emotional blockages, trauma and old memories that no longer serve us. Essential oils have been proven to be extremely effective in helping the limbic or emotional brain to function more effectively.

It’s also really enjoyable to diffuse the oils (one or a combination of multiple) in your home or office to create an environment that supports your healing and optimization.

Do you have any recommendations for how people can work with these oils?

In my experience, physical application and diffusion are most beneficial, but as with any essential oils, there are three ways to use them; direct application on the body through massage, diffusing or smelling the oil, and ingesting or eating the oil.

Most health practitioners advice not to ingest the oils, as they can become quite intense, and depending on the quality of the oil, could even become toxic. While these are ingestible, I highly recommend working with a professional if you do choose this method of treatment.

If at any point a rash or other symptoms begin to appear, there might be an allergic reaction (usually signaling the need for a liver cleanse) or the body could be rejecting that oil. A rash that develops but goes away after a couple hours is part of the radical healing process.

The Frequence Chakra Essence oils were designed to help people align with their intuition and listen to their bodies, psycho-emotional states, and energetic needs. With the full set, you can choose a variety of oils to use daily and create endless combinations of healing remedies. The names of each oil can also serve as a daily mantra.

For example, you may pick 1, 3, and 6 (or according to the colors, red, gold, and pink), which are the oils of Trust, Instinct, and Love. Hence, you find your mantra of the day. Maybe you would choose 9, 4, and 2, which are Inspire, Passion, and Energy. The oils are special in that they use the law of attraction to draw you to what you need most at the time.

If you only want to use one oil, pay attention to the fragrance- if one calls you or if you reject it strongly, it’s most likely a sign that you need that oil. If you have an indifference it may not be as necessary, indicating that perhaps that chakra is currently balanced.

In looking for a specific remedy of a physical or psycho-emotional symptom, reading the keywords for each oil will help you understand its purpose. For example, to assist with anything from your mind and thinking to ADHD, Focus, Clarity, Hypothalymus malfunction, weird dreams, no dreams, issues with sleep, and so forth, you would use the eighth oil in the set, CLARITY. Keywords are written on each bottle, on the website, and on sheets included in the set, all designed to help people select the right oil.

I like to play a game and ask people their three favorite numbers, determining their unique mantra and frequency for the day.

Do you have any personal rituals using them?

I’ve used oils in my daily routine for the last 15 years of my life, in the morning and at night. My daily rituals have brought such pleasure in reconnecting to nature’s incredible variety of smells, reminding me of the beauty on this Earth and how important it is to align with and support this magical planet.

Essential oils play a role in many rituals, anointing people into royalty or a certain spiritual lineage. Using and putting oils on oneself or a partner is a very sensual and beautiful experience, bringing you into balance and higher vibration.

You can also create your own rituals, making them more elaborate or simple depending on what you’re comfortable with and what you have time for.

In my personal ritual, I take a drop of oil in the palm of my hand, activate it with a finger from the other hand, and apply the oil behind my ears and on the appropriate chakra. Next, I rub my hands together and bring both hands in front of my face, taking at least three deep breaths. The invigorating smells open the senses, creating an enjoyable and revitalizing experience.

At the beginning of a ceremony, I offer participants a drop of oil to open up the senses, alleviate fears, and bring balance in preparation for the initiation.

Usually, I will place one drop on the palm of each person’s hand, tell them where to apply the drop, and to inhale the fragrance afterwards. During a sweat lodge, I put a couple of different oils in the water which is poured on the hot rocks, unleashing a powerful diffusion into the air and bringing many benefits and aromas to the sacred ritual.

In closing, I will leave you with a poem describing an anointment ritual performed in ancient ceremonies.

Sacred​ Anointment Ceremony:

“When the holy oil touches me,

I am transformed,

brought into direct contact with the Divine.

Forever changed.

Bound to God.

It is the most important part of the entire ceremony.

(put a drop of oil in the cup of your hand and with a finger)

be thy hands anointed, with holy oil.

be thy breast, anointed, with holy oil,

be thy head, anointed, with holy oil.

As kings, priests, priestesses, and prophets were anointed.

Breathe the aroma of pure essence and bathe in the Divine.”


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