At ten years old, Alexandra Phillips began to teach herself palmistry and tarot.  At 15, she was so overwhelmed by her abilities that she tucked her skills away for nearly 20 years.  Now as an adult, she has embraced her intuitive and energetic gifts.  Alexandra is an intuitive healer and channel.  She offers intuitive readings in which she helps her clients to recognize and connect with their own guides. We sat down to chat (virtually) with Alexandra, and find out more about her journey! Alexandra will be offering two virtual classes, Attracting Abundance in Times of Stress, on Tuesday, April 28th (in the morning and evening) — you can learn more here and here!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

As a young girl I was drawn to all things occult.I  taught myself palmistry and tarot, set up rituals, spoke with spirits, and began to hone my intuitive gifts. Then, as I got a bit older, I became fearful of what I could do, so I took those skills and put them away in a box. I would smile when people would call me “witchy,” but it took me almost 20 years before I let those skills and talents out of the box and shared them with others. 

My name, Alexandra, means “helper and defender of mankind.” And I take that moniker seriously. I believe in finding the service you are best suited to offer the world, and then being unabashedly exceptional in the way you offer it.

What I offer the world is a mix of spirituality, channeling, clairvoyance, and business insight. Too often, though, people don’t imagine that mix can exist. Most people feel as though intuition and business acumen must be mutually exclusive.  But I couldn’t disagree more. I believe that when you are clear about what you have to offer the world and the meaningful impact that you will have affluence and abundance will follow. The key is not to get in your own way or block that abundance from coming to you. That’s where business insight and mindset shifts help you to get what you want.

How did you come to your work as an intuitive and coach?

I have been working as a business coach and professional development leader for over 15 years.  Actually, it was after attending a workshop at the Alchemist Kitchen and connecting with my spiritual mentor that I began really allowing my intuitive gifts to flourish and weaving them into my work. At first, I would share it with just one or two of my clients, but only at a very peripheral level. Now it seems as though the more I let who I truly am shine, the more my new clients are able to find me.  The people who want to connect their business life with their spirituality know that “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

What is some advice you would offer the community during this difficult time of a pandemic?

Be generous with yourself.  What we are experiencing is unlike anything the world has ever known, so having the generosity of spirit which allows ourselves to not have to get it “right” will help tremendously. 

I often ask people what advice they would give to a child or a sibling.  It’s a helpful question because it taps into the generosity that we have for others a generosity that we very rarely accord ourselves.  So, my question to everyone is: In what ways can you be more generous with yourself?

What do you hope to see happen in the future of consciousness and health in New York City?

I feel as though we are all experiencing a seismic shift in the way we approach consciousness, health, and wellness.  I hope that the people of New York City will be more open and communicative with each other about their spiritual consciousness rather than hiding it or sharing it only with a select few.  Spiritual consciousness and a connection to the Universe and what she holds can be part of our conversations and intellectual discussions. 

Do you have an herbal ally you work with that’s your favorite right now?

I love mugwort and making lemon verbena/mugwort tea from my garden.  It allows me to raise my vibrational level, connect with my guides, and share the messages they have to offer.

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