Make No Mistake, The Ascension Has Officially Begun

For some of us, our idea of personal  transformation and the Ascension may be a distant occurrence replete with angelic light, infinite love and egoless existence, while others may have imagined a more egalitarian and just world with progress for all. Either way, no one could have predicted what it was actually going to be like to get there.

Events have unfolded in a disruptive, disturbing, and often tragic way, such as the loss of life and livelihood as a result of the pandemic; heightened demonstrations of intolerance, racism, and corruption; forfeiture of trust in leaders and institutions, and widening divisions in a country whose very constitutional foundations are being shaken. However, these events have also brought light and focus to many social injustices, inequalities, and systemic failures that activists have been struggling to get addressed for years, and reform movements have been re-galvanized with a vigorous jolt. What we are experiencing is a confrontation with our collective shadow, warts and all, and it’s happening all at once with lighting speed and succession.

Humanity Is Going Through A Collective Healing Crisis

The confusion, hardship, stress, and anxiety experienced throughout this period is very real and can feel unbearable, so how can this possibly be the Ascension?

By the Ascension I mean humanity’s awakening to our greatest potential through the embodiment of more light and love, thus raising our frequency and shifting the paradigm of our existence to one with unity consciousness based on values of compassion, fairness, and integrity.

Let’s re-narrate this story from a higher perspective. We are collectively going through a healing crisis where symptoms of the disease become fully apparent and seem to worsen before healing takes place. This is a cathartic process. We must see our collective shadow and recognize the ailment in the full light of truth before we can reckon with it, integrate it, and transcend it. It’s never pretty, but it’s necessary. We are in the throes of this stage of the Ascension nad personal transformation now.

The Caterpillar’s Last Stand

Another way to put it is that we are at the phase where the caterpillar is in its chrysalis as new imaginal cells appear in its body, and its immune system attacks these cells as foreign, trying to destroy them. Eventually, more and more imaginal cells link together until its immune system is overwhelmed and it is liquefied. Finally, the imaginal cells recycle the same liquefied mass until the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

The caterpillar has held the blueprint for the butterfly all along, just as we are capable of making this enormous transformation. It’s in our DNA. Know this and take heart.

A Call For Ego Mastery

Everything that is going on out there is reflected in the unique challenges each of us is facing, be they health-related, relational, financial, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. We are confronted by our personal shadow and it can feel overwhelming. Confined, and with fewer distractions, our internal landscape becomes magnified. Our exacerbated woes are beckoning us to go through our own metamorphosis. We have the free will to keep the status quo of course, but if we are to personally transform through the Ascension, it’s important to recognize the invitation we’ve received for what it is and to accept it.

Perspective is key. We don’t have control over much that’s happening in the world, but we do have the power to choose how we respond. This is where the rubber meets the road for walking a spiritual path into personal transformation. It can be uncomfortable and scary when we are face to face with our own fears, ego patterns, and beliefs. What is it that we value the most? Where are we stuck in our thinking? Pay attention to every emotion that comes up as it is a clue leading you down your path of self-discovery. What can feel like opening Pandora’s box is actually a gift and an unprecedented opportunity for accelerated growth.

Stop and be present.

Be still and open.

Connect with your body, your heart, your soul.

Ground And Orient From The Feminine Compass

This time of disruption is also a call to connect with, and activate the feminine in each of us no matter what gender we identify with. Activating the feminine means allowing ourselves to receive. Receive what? Receive our emotions and feelings without judgment, receive the cues from our body, the voice of our heart, the guidance from our soul. Then integrate all of it so we know which direction to take. This will not be possible if our mind is filled with the cacophony of our thoughts, or if we are too busy reacting and doing. In order to receive, we must slow down and listen. This is a subtle skill that requires practice to refine. What better time than now to do so?

Balance is restored when we go inward, center, and reconnect with our full selves – our heart, mind, body, and soul. We must do this first and foremost, no matter how demanding and chaotic it gets out there.

It is no coincidence that the feminine, divine or otherwise, is the underlying theme of Ascension, which necessitates values of inclusion, wholeness and unity – all represented by the feminine. These values need to be embodied internally in order to manifest externally. That is why it’s so important to integrate our shadow, because it is not separate, but a part of us too. It is also why women are poised to lead the upcoming cultural sea change in the era of Ascension.

Staying grounded and being centered is possibly the most important thing to remember for this period.

This is especially true for those of us who are empaths. I feel you, so don’t forget to ground yourself. We must know where we are in order to navigate to where we wish to go. Orienting through the feminine is key to integrating our full selves and meet the challenges we face. It is also a deep expression of self-love, and therefore profoundly empowering.

Personal Transformation Tools

When you calm the monkey mind to feel and be present you may initially feel awful. Vocalize, emote, cry, but as you continue to do this you will have moved stagnant, low vibrational energy, and transformation takes place to reveal something else.

All the therapy sessions, ayahuasca journeys, plant ceremonies, Burning Mans, sound meditations, energy workshops, kundalini yoga, crystal healings, tarot divination, Vipassana retreats, Landmark forums, shamanic training, full moon circles, psychic mediums, channeled wisdom, Eckhart Tolle, Starhawk, Joe Dispenza and more have been preparing you for this moment. THIS IS IT. This is the moment to apply all of your wisdom from those aforementioned experiences. Remember all of the knowledge you already have within and access it to for support and guidance.

Ask for help. Renew bonds with trusted loved ones in your vulnerability. Talk to your healers, or use this as an opportunity to find one. You are not alone. Go to the places of greatest resistance, they will be the most rewarding doors to open. Trust in the flow of life always leading you to where you need to go.

Self-Care And Neutrality Are More Important Than Ever

This is a time for enormous self-care. Practice your meditations, call on your herbal allies, boost your immune system, double up on your health regimens, hydrate, eat clean, unprocessed and organic food, get enough sleep, destress, move your body, manage your workload, take more breaks. Take care of your mind, heart, body and soul because they are intimately connected. Do not neglect any part.

Create sacred space and give yourself permission to do more self-care because these are extraordinary circumstances.

We need the stamina to weather the storm!

It also means being as neutral as we can with everything around us. During this cathartic period, it is characteristic to have increased polarization. I know it’s hard to remain neutral given some of the outrageous things that are happening, but it’s important to conserve our energy and not get pulled into the pendulums. Pendulums of polarity exist to take our energy and attention. They literally feed off of it. Do not get sucked into that game and feed the negativity. Take the higher perspective so you can remain detached. Also, know that the dark ultimately serves the light. The dark just doesn’t realize that. Focus on your personal transformation and instead use the darkness as a touchstone for brightening your light and upping your kung-fu of love. You will inspire others to do the same.

Foundation for Personal Transformation

When we are able to receive and accept ourselves more completely, we are able to connect with others more fully and see them with more clarity and compassion, just as we would like to be seen.

This is the alchemy of love and the foundation of personal transformation.

To ascend collectively, we must transform individually. The unity consciousness of the Ascension is achieved through a realization of our own potential through love because without true self-love we cannot love another. Treating ourselves more compassionately and forgivingly enables us to treat others the same way. We see and feel the other in ourselves. As we do so we create a container of love that holds space for all of us to evolve. This unconditional love is the frequency of the Ascension.

Spiritual Resilience for The Ascension

It is likely that the fall and winter will bring new surprises, upheavals and challenges as the Ascension process continues. The time to prepare is now if you haven’t already. The Ascension means moving into a higher vibrational frequency of light and love, and so we must endeavor to embody this now. We have some distance to cover yet but we’re on our way. It’s helpful to remember that the earth plane is a school, and we all signed up to incarnate at this time for our specific lessons, so the joke’s on us! A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

We are truly all in this together. And we are co-creating our future together. This time is teaching us immense humility against forces that are beyond our control, to remind us that we belong to a far greater web of life, nature, and universe. Simultaneously, it is empowering us with a massive opportunity to grow and evolve, letting us know that we are always co-creating with the universe, and thus showing us the way forward towards Ascension – beyond duality, beyond polarity, into unity and love. How beautiful and sublime is that?

Whenever you feel dejected during this often arduous journey, remember why you are here. You have a purpose, and you too are held in divine, unconditional love.

Stephanie Wang

Stephanie is the former President of The Alchemist’s Kitchen and former Director of Evolver. Inspired by a deep respect for ancient wisdom traditions and our shared connection with the planet we inhabit, she is a passionate advocate for authentic empowerment and conscious transformation through radical integrity of the heart, mind, body and spirit. A native Hong Konger, Stephanie is a mystic entrepreneur and storyteller that left a successful career in finance and film for a path of consciousness and wellness. Learn more at and follow her at @stephaniewang5d on Instagram.

  1. Thank You for sharing. As I was reading the intense identical feeling words, I had many positive emotions, which is a sharp change from feelings I’ve had in the past few months. Finally, Someone- somewhere relates to ME. Love and Light. BB. Namaste. ALL and everything in between. 🍀Grow, Evolve🦋, Ascend ❣️

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