Since the beginning of time, human beings have been drawn to the moon. A celestial natural satellite illuminating our night sky; it is both mysterious and powerful. Deeply in sync with the ocean, it rules the rise and fall of the tides. Its lunar phases influence the female cycle and are considered an ancient symbol of the sacred feminine. Representing the triple goddess of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The moon rules the subconscious mind, memory, emotional life, and intuition. It is associated with our raw instinctual animalistic nature, deepest fears, premonitions, and madness. The word lunacy stems from the Latin word “Luna” which means moon. It has always played a significant role as a calendar for farmers, travel, and traditions used in magical or religious rituals.

New Moon

A New moon marks the start of the 29-day lunar cycle. During this time it is positioned between the earth and sun. It cannot be seen in the night sky. The moon is dark, as it is a time for introspection. Meditating on what you want to bring forward during this cycle as well as letting go of what no longer is in alignment should be done now.

Waxing Crescent Moon

The waxing crescent is the next moon phase. The waxing moon is shaped like a crescent with the right side illuminated. Waxing means growing, as it starts to get larger. Now is time to set new seeds of intentions.

Ritual for the Waxing Crescent Moon

The waxing crescent moon is a powerful time for spiritual work. Manifestation rituals are supported during this phase. A simple yet highly effective ritual is the new seed intention list. This involves writing down what you would like to create during this moon cycle. A paper, pen, and lit candle for clarity are all you need. Keep this list by your bed or alter to refer back to.

This lunar cycle is associated with abundance, it is now that we begin to see our seeds of intention sprout. It is time to anchor in on our vision.

First-Quarter Moon

The first quarter phase is when the moon is 90 degrees from the sun. It is a quarter way through the cycle and appears to be half-lit. It occurs about 7-9 days after the new moon. Now is the time to take action towards the intentions we have set. This phase is ideal for starting projects or any plans we would like to set in motion. Action is the ritual.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

This phase of the moon occurs between the first quarter moon and the full moon. It appears to be more than half-lit, and can be seen in the daytime. Gibbous means hump-back since it takes a hump shape. This is a time to refine, readjust, and reevaluate our intentions. Fine-tuning our vision is what this energy is for.

Full Moon

The full moon occurs when it is opposite the sun. It is fully illuminated and visible as we receive its maximum light. The energy of the moon is at its peak, amplifying our emotions, and intuition. This lunar cycle is associated with abundance. it is now that we begin to see our seeds of intention harvested.

Ritual for the Full Moon

This is a powerful time for ceremonies and rituals. Since the moon rules water, spiritual bath rituals are quite powerful during a full moon. These baths are for cleansing and intuiting downloads. You will need Epsom salt and essential oil to put in your bath, and a lit candle for clarity. Pray and sing over the bath calling in whatever energy or assistance your desire. Enter the bath after prayer and allow yourself to receive any full moon messages. The water will act as a receptor.

Waning Gibbous Moon

This phase of the moon occurs when it is between a 90 and 135-degree angle with the earth and the sun. We are able to see more than half of it. This is a time to show gratitude for any abundance that manifested during the full moon.

Third-Quarter Moon

This phase is also known as the last quarter moon. Here it is losing light and energy. It’s time to release, purge, and let go of any unnecessary energy.

Ritual for Third-Quarter Moon

Write down on a piece of paper what you want to release and let go of. When you are finished burn the piece of paper. This is known as the burning ritual it will assist you in purging unnecessary energy.

Waning Crescent

This is the very last phase as it is in the transition to becoming a new moon. The lunar cycle is completed and it is time to move inward. Reflection and release are necessary. This phase is associated with a death.

What Causes the Phases of the Moon

The moon moves through lunar phases during its regular orbit around the earth. This lunar cycle lasts approximately a month where it appears to be less and more visible to us. These lunar phases are caused by the position of the moon’s relation to the sun. Half of it is always in shadow and half is always illuminated.

Astrologically it moves into a different zodiac sign every two and a half days. Astrologers believe we pick up the energy of the moon sign on a personal and collective level. Influencing our mood, intuition, and physical energy. These are interpretations that describe how the moon in each sign affects the population.

Moon in Aries

In Aries it brings in the energy of new beginnings. A fresh start is ignited and we are motivated to take action. Aries activates our inner warrior and gut instincts. We may have more energy, a higher sex drive, and be more in touch with our anger. Impulsivity and fighting may be heightened. This is a good time for exercise and physical activity. The energy of an Aries moon is used in rituals for new beginnings and setting new intentions.

Moon in Taurus

In Taurus it brings in grounding energy. A calmness is felt and we feel more emotionally stable. Taurus opens up portals of abundance. The need to connect with nature is strong. Our senses are more heightened, as we are more in tune with our sensuality and physical bodies. A deeper need to indulge in comfort, food, and luxury is present. Taurus moon energy supports rituals for grounding, abundance, and money.

Moon in Gemini

In Gemini it brings in restless energy activating our minds. Communication on all levels increases, as we may receive more emails, texts, or spend more time on social media. Our minds are more curious, and we receive more ideas. This is lively energy making us want to socialize. We can be prone to overanalyzing and overthinking. Our minds crave stimulation.

This moon energy supports manifestation rituals involving writing and speaking.

Moon in Cancer

In Cancer it makes us more emotional, often allowing emotional release. Cancer rules mother energy, as there is a deeper need to nurture and be nurtured with this moon. We may feel more sensitive, nostalgic, and be prone to moodiness. Our psychic abilities and intuition are heightened. Family, home, and comfort take precedence. Cancer ruling the ocean supports any bath or water ritual.

Moon in Leo

In Leo it brings in the energy of joy and optimism. We feel more in touch with our creativity, and seek to express it. Physically we are energized and feel inspired. The Leo energy is can make us more passionate, and feel drawn to having more fun. Any Ritual for manifestation is highly supported by this moon.

Moon in Virgo

In Virgo it brings in the energy of order and healing. We may feel inclined to get more organized in our daily lives. Mentally we can overthink things or be more critical during this time. Virgo is associated with our nerves as there could be a tendency to worry or experiencing anxiety. Spending time in nature can remedy this. Rituals involving written lists for manifesting or planning are supported with this moon.

Moon in Libra

In Libra it brings us harmony and balance. Libra rules beauty and relationships activating our need for connection. Our artistic antennas are heightened as we may feel the need to surround ourselves with beauty. There is a stronger pull to be social during this time. Rituals for love, calling in a partner, and balance are supported by this moon.

Moon in Scorpio

In Scorpio it is both mysterious and intense. Emotions run deep, and our desires are potent. Our intuition is stronger during this time. The need for intimacy and sexual connection is heightened. We can be more prone to obsessing and jealousy. Hidden fears from our psyche may swim to the surface. Rituals for transformation, purging, or getting to the root of an issue are supported by this moon.

Moon in Sagittarius

In Sagittarius it brings us a higher vibration of inspiration. There is an emotional need for adventure, exploration, and freedom. Physically we are more energized and we feel more optimistic. We are in sync with our intuition and feel more spiritually attuned. Rituals for abundance, blessings, and improving luck are supported by this moon.

Moon in Capricorn

In Capricorn it is grounding and helps us feel more productive. We are less emotional with this Capricorn energy, yet we can have a more serious outlook. Ambition and a stronger sense of practicality are present. Rituals for money, career, and success are supported by this moon.

Moon in Aquarius

In Aquarius it stimulates our vision for the future. Experiencing sudden flashes of insight, surprises, and aha moments are common with this energy. We may feel more rebellious and in need of change during this time. There can be an emotional need to be with friends or involved in group activities. Rituals for change, hopes, and dreams are supported by this energy.

Moon in Pisces

In Pisces it greatly heightens our Intuition, as well as a mystical experience. We are more imaginative, creative, and sensitive to this moon. There can be an emotional need to escape or withdraw from the world. It is common to want to be alone and feel more tired. Meditation, prayer, and solitude are highly recommended with this energy. Our dreams are heightened and more vivid now. Manifestation rituals involving music, water, and subconscious programming are supported by this moon.

Other Types

Harvest Moon: A full moon closest to the September equinox. It is associated with abundance. Know to be an aide for farmers when harvesting their crops because it’s brightness and early rise.

Super Moon: Super moons are at the closest point to the earth during its orbit. Therefore they appear to be larger and brighter. They are favored for ritual and ceremony because it is said to enhance magic.

Blood Moon: These occur during a total eclipse when the earth lines up between the moon and the sun. They have been seen as bad omens associated with the biblical end of days.

Blue Moon: This refers to two full moons in a calendar month. Another type of blue moon is when the moon appears blue after volcanic eruptions. They are associated with love and finding ones soul mate.

Orange Moon: A full moon that is orange because of the scattering of the light of the atmosphere. It looks orange when it is low in the sky.

Pink Moon: This is named after a species of early blooming wildflowers. This full moon appears in April and has the appearance of being pink in color. They represent rebirth and are connected to the angelic realm.

Yellow Moon: A full moon that appears to be yellow because it is closer to the horizon. This effect is caused by the earth’s atmosphere.

Interesting Facts

  • The moon is believed to be formed by the giant impact theory. This states that is was created during a collision between the earth a smaller planet. The debris from the collision formed the moon.
  • The earth has one moon that is believed to 4.5 billion years old.
  • The moon is made of oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, and aluminum. Its core is made of solid iron.
  • The first landing on the moon was on July 16th, 1969.
  • A total of twelve astronauts have landed on the since 1969.
  • The distance from the earth to the moon is 238,885 miles.
  • It takes about three days to reach it from earth.
  • The moon’s radius is 1079.6 miles. It is the fifth-largest moon in the solar system.
  • It is about one quarter the size of the earth, weighing 80 times less than the earth.
  • The moon orbits the earth anti-clockwise once every 27.322 days.
  • It has a thin atmosphere of different gases such as sodium and potassium.
  • The temperature of the moon during the day is 260 degrees Fahrenheit. At night the moon is 280 F or less.
  • Its gravitational force affects the tidal force, causing high tides and low tides. The tide is higher at the location closest to it.

Other Planet’s Moons

Jupiter: Jupiter has 79 moons. The largest are known as Galilean moons discovered by Galileo. They are named Lo, Europa, Ganymede, and Calisto.

Saturn: Saturn has 62 moons. Titan is the largest moon with a very thick atmosphere consisting of nitrogen.

Mars: Mars has two moons named Phobos and Deimos. Discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall. They are smaller than the Earth’s.

Venus: Venus does not have any moons.

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