Intentional Eros with Plant Alchemy’s Love Stoned & For Play

To love. From the latin libet: is pleasing, libido, desire itself. This feeling is so expansive, so powerful, that the Greeks needed six different names for it. The first they called Eros, or sexual passion. While the Greeks viewed Eros as fiery, dangerous, and overwhelming, the experience of Eros can also be intentional and a gateway to a higher state (whether in partnership, or alone).

We at Alchemist’s Kitchen worked with Alana House, a community herbalist, birth and death doula, and mother, who founded Buck Naked Plant Medicine, to develop two products with intentional Eros in mind.

Love Stoned Tincture is an aphrodisiac tincture that contains mood enhancing herbs like cacao, rose, and vanilla. It includes damiana, known for increasing and maintaining optimal arousal, CBD oil for mental clarity and anxiety relief for a more positive mind-body connection, and maca which can increase libido and stamina as well as assist with overall hormone balance.

For Play Intimate Oil is a personal lubricant and massage oil and made with a highly moisturizing base of apricot and jojoba oil. The soft, sensual essence of rose and damiana invites arousal, shatavari balances excessive heat in the body and mind, and lotus seeds hydrate and moisturize the skin. The application of CBD topically is also known for reducing inflammation and increasing circulation in sensual areas.

“When I work with making medicine with plants I always tune into the energy of them: asking permission, thanking them, and acknowledging their power. When formulating, I use plants that partner well together. For example, in the For Play sensual oil, rose is somewhat drying, so I partnered it with moistening shatavari,” says House about intentionally creating these two new products.

While taste-testing, she took a double dose and said she had no doubt the formula worked.

“I had to run some errands later that day and I felt like a magnetic love goddess. I was having deep and meaningful conversations in the food co-op, and friends I ran into said I was gorgeous and glowing. I was floating on Cloud 9. It was a special day and carried into a night of extra sensuality with my love and amazing dreams.”

Love is an expansive feeling, and as House described, is a magnetic state when you exist within it.

Claire Crookston, Senior Buyer at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, described how our new Plant Alchemy products were inspired by the intimate relationship between sensuality and cannabis.

“While developing Love Stoned and For Play, we realized that the conversations around both CBD and sex were inherently provocative…,” said Crookston, “Intrigued and curious expressions quickly convert to a larger conversation around the education of plant based aphrodisiacs and lubricants. We hope a dropper of Love Stoned and a few dashes of For Play will help elevate your love lives this Valentine’s Day.”

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