Libra Full Moon: Relationship Shifts

Libra Full Moon: Relationship Shifts


A Full Moon arrives at 4:12am Pacific Time, in the final degree of Libra. This is the second Libra Full Moon of the year, offering a crescendo of energies after a compressed month of examining our relationships. With Uranus conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, it’s time to liberate and unstick from old patterns, while finding more genuine ways of relating. Our emotions could now erupt. If they do, it’s for the sake of recalibration. We’re facing old fears and aggressions with courage so we can make room for greater harmony, balance, and nuance.

Via Etheral Culture.

Meanwhile, the Sun and Moon are squaring the Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction. The emphasis this month is truly on extracting and transforming whatever we’ve outgrown, within ourselves and our relationships. If we can open to any surprises or difficulties that arise, this period will feel cleansing rather than painful. We can trust whatever the Universe has in store for this powerful next phase.

As old structures, systems, relationships, and familiar patterns dissolve and change all around us, we might be feeling caught in pain or overwhelm. But we can trust that we’re simply making room for a new paradigm to take root and blossom. This period truly requires us to step into our roles as compassionate warriors, mustering the strength to hold ourselves upright, root down to the Earth, and fiercely love ourselves and each other. Together we’re going to create a better world.

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