Every month, Yarusha Jimenez, the amazing intuitive & reader also known as Sisters of Eastwick @sisters_of_eastwick @yarusha1111 – and an important element to the magical Full Moon Divinations at FHNY, shares monthly horoscopes on their blog. Read on, and find out what this November Horoscope has in store. To book an astrology or tarot reading with Yarusha visit her at: www.sistersofeastwick.com

November is the month of transformation. We are now in Scorpio season and a deep rebirth process is taking place behind the scenes. Mercury is retrograde from October 31st until December 7th. The retrograde is guiding us to reflect, reexamine, and reevaluate on a deep level. Scorpio is an intense psychic water sign. Mercury is the planet that rules the mind. When Mercury is in the sign of Scorpio we are given a magnifying glass to reexamine our thoughts. We can consciously transmute and transform the unconscious parts of ourselves if we are willing to go deeper. When we do this, transformation occurs. The ability to probe into our thought patterns is now accessible to the collective. We can consciously transmute and transform the unconscious parts of ourselves if we are willing to go deeper. We can experience a regenerative healing and rebirth.

The Strength Card is ruled by the number 8, which rules transformation. November will be a month where we go in one way and come out another way. Making a conscious decision to begin to lovingly work with our own shadow can move us into an evolved state of being. The Strength card coupled with the Starfish is here to tell us that it is safe to move past the surface. It is safe to move towards the darker undercurrents of our own inner cave. Healing is regeneration coupled with compassion. The Starfish and The Strength Archetypes are asking us to be courageous and intimate with our vulnerabilities. Our wounds are really little children who require gentle, loving guidance. Transmute their darkness into the light. Scorpio is one of the bravest signs and has so much to teach us. The Scorpio path moves from the scorpion, into the snake, then the eagle, and finally into the Phoenix. November is the month to take advantage of actively transmuting our own darkness into the light. This requires us to take a trip into the underworld in order for an inner rebirth.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising – Happy Birthday to all the amazing Scorpios! I’m so excited for all of you as this month is lighting up your 1st house. The 1st house rules the self and your identity. You are being brought back to life in many ways. Your sign rules rebirth and transformation, and this is what you are essentially moving through in November. There is a new sense of vitality that you will be feeling. Your ambition is being refused and things can start to manifest externally rather than remain internal. Tangible results can now be fulfilled. Your identity is also going through death and rebirth. Who you are is changing. Your spirituality is also shifting, and your connection to your intuition is evolving. Integration on many levels is a theme for you now. You are also more in the spotlight because the Sun is shining on you, Scorpio! Allow yourself to soak in the energy others give you. Mercury retrograde is in your sign this month. This does mean you will be more affected by the retrograde. People from the past can resurface, you may have to go over important documents again, or you may find yourself completing new projects. There can be a frustration with this energy but remember that you are being realigned by the Universe now. You are being given important messages on how you can reexamine certain elements of yourself and life. Things are being brought back into focus in a different way. Be patient and understand that once the retrograde is over, you will have emerged as a butterfly.

Aries & Aries Rising – November brings you back into your vitality and root center. Now you will start to feel your drive, ambition, and physical energy return! Mars, your ruling planet, is in your 7th house this month. New, vibrant, and dynamic people may enter your life in order to push you to the next level. This may be in a vibration of vitality or conflict. Mercury is retrograde in your 8th house, affecting finances with any type of partner, taxes, and other people’s resources. Focusing on the details will be beneficial. You may have to redo or fix things in this area of your life.

Taurus & Taurus Rising – November highlights your 7th house of relationships — romantic partnerships, friends, coworkers, clients and business partnerships. This month, your attention will be on improving this area of your life or any issues that need to be addressed. Because of the mercury retrograde, old relationship topics may surface. Don’t be surprised if old lovers, friends, or people from your past resurface. November is a time to reassess and revisit certain relationships in your life. The powerful Scorpio energy is helping you purge what no longer serves you in your 7th house and transform this area of your life.

Gemini & Gemini Rising – November has the sun moving into your 6th house. This means your health, routine, work environment, and time management are taking precedence. Creating order and organizing your life are strong themes for the month. The retrograde is asking you to reassess, revisit, and rethink your self-care regimen. Getting into an exercise routine and eating a more balanced diet is supported now. There is a strong need for many Gemini’s to reground themselves and get back into balance. Plants are very healing now, and so are small pets. This retrograde affects you directly, since Mercury is your ruling planet. Take it easy, take a step back, and practice listening more than speaking.

Cancer & Cancer Rising – The November sun moved into your 5th house of creativity. It is time to get back into your creative juices and connect with this part of your spirit. Unfinished creative projects may resurface. Romantic partners from the past may come back around. Children and your own inner child play a role in your life this month. If you are a parent, you may experience your child needing more of your time or taking up the spotlight in some way. Allowing yourself to experience fun and pleasure is what November is asking of you. Make time for creative ventures, children, and romance!

Leo & Leo Rising – November is lighting up your 4th house of the home, family, emotional well being and your roots. Now is a great time to either do a massive home cleaning or redecorate. Real estate is also highlighted this month. Family could be taking up your focus, either through bonding or drama. Your emotional well being is part of the 4th house, and issues from childhood that need to be healed could resurface. This is a wonderful time to meditate, spend time at home, and connect with your soul.

Virgo & Virgo Rising – November will be a very active month for you. Your 3rd house of communications is lit up. Expect your social life to be more busy. Online interactions are increased, and so is the opportunity for networking. You may find yourself reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. Interactions with siblings may also take more of your focus. The Sun in your 3rd house can foster creative inspiration having to do with writing, editing, and publishing. Remember that it is a mercury retrograde, so double checking anything you send out is imperative. It’s a great time to brainstorm — but not launch — anything new. You may also experience clarity on how your communication skills can improve. Be more mindful of what you say and how you communicate with the retrograde.

Libra & Libra Rising – This month the November Sun is lighting up your 2nd house of finances, resources, and income. Your money making sector is being activated and you can see a boost in this area. This transit also applies to finding yourself in a position of spending more as well. The retrograde is bringing you into alignment by having you reevaluate or carefully go over business goals before you decide to launch them into the public. The best time to do this is after the retrograde is over. November 21st is the date to move forward with these projects. New items you may purchase in the retrograde have a higher probability of not being what you really wanted, or malfunctioning. Be mindful of this. This is a good time to redo or fix your budget. This month is a pause to regroup and set yourself up for success.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising – The Sun is moving through your 12th house sector this month. This is the area of of your life that deals with the spiritual , subconscious, and dream world. This is a good time to delve into any type of healing work that has to do with the subconscious. Hypnosis, past life regression, reprogramming of the subconscious through subliminal audio. Meditation and solitude is also healing for you now. Looking at your childhood mental tapes that may still be unconsciously running your life in certain ways will be transformative for you now. When we have a 12th house transit dreams play a very potent role for us. Sleeping is more than just sleep, so don’t be surprised if you experience intense dreams that are highly coded. You are receiving important information from the astral world- a dream journal would be beneficial now. The retrograde cautions you to be mindful of gossip either coming from your end or from another party. Be careful what you say as it could easily be exposed. Now is a time to stay behind the scenes and rest before your birthday pushes you into the light.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising – The November Sun is lighting up your 11th house. It’s a great time to reevaluate friendships. Networking opportunities and group activities are on the horizon for you. You may also have the desire to take a bit of a pause from these areas of your life because the retrograde is realigning you to create some sort of inner balance. There may be something you need to reexamine or rethink before you commit to new friendships, or communities. Honor how you feel more than what you think you need to be doing. The 11th house also has to do with the Internet as well as dating. Again, this could go both ways — more activity or a need to take a pause before your proceed once again. The best thing to do is to listen to what your body is telling you.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising – The November Sun falls in your 10th house of career, reputation, and recognition. This puts you front and center, giving you the opportunity to shine in these areas. The mercury retrograde is asking you to reexamine and reevaluate your career goals. You may find old projects resurfacing that are ready to be completed. Business relationships and opportunities from the past can resurface. Anything having to do with past ventures are lucky for you right now. This is not the ideal time to push new things out into the public arena, as they may not be well received. Wait until the Retrograde is over to start new Career projects. It is a great time to get your ducks in a row and realign with this area of your life.

Pisces & Pisces Rising – The Sun lights up your 9th house of travel, publishing, higher learning, education, and your spiritual belief system. Travel may be highlighted now and you may find yourself planning a trip you desired to take in the past. Some of you may find yourself playing around with the idea of going back to school, or finishing a course you weren’t able to complete. Spiritual endeavors and belief systems may require reexamining. This also goes for your mindset and how you have been viewing the world. The retrograde in this house can bring you more synchronistic and inspirational downloads on the bigger perspective of your life. Writing, publishing, and motivational speaking are also highlighted during this month. This Mercury Retrograde can really open your mind in terms of reexamining who you are and your connection to the universe. It is the time to take in the information you’re receiving, then make the changes necessary through this process.

by Yarusha Jimenez 

Yarusha and other talented intuitives conduct mini one-on-one readings that provide deep personal insights during our monthly Full Moon Divination nights at Freehand NY. Check our events page and follow us on instagram for more information about those gatherings!
Yarusha Jimenez

Yarusha Jimenez began her journey into tarot, astrology, and the occult at a very young age. A truth seeking Sagittarius with her sun in the 8th house , she possesses the deep transformative waters of scorpio, Yarusha has always been guided by her fiery instincts, deep emotion, and psychic abilities. Yarusha studied tarot with Lindsay Mack and completed her wild soul education. Yarusha works from her intuition, and creates a space for her clients where they can experience the gift of letting go. Yarusha studied tarot with Lindsay Mack and completed her wild soul education. Yarusha works from her intuition, and creates a space for her clients where they can experience the gift of letting go. She is self-taught in astrology and believes it to be the blueprint of your soul. As she has honored the wisdom of her natal chart and stepped into her charts vibration, she has become a channel who can communicate with guides. To book an astrology or tarot reading with Yarusha visit her at: www.sistersofeastwick.com. You can find her instagram at @sistersofeastwick or @yarusha1111

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