Period Relief with New Plant Alchemy Moontime Tincture & Moontime Soothe

Period Relief with New Plant Alchemy Moontime Tincture & Moontime Soothe

Recently, we’ve learned about our hormonal cycle, how this cycle synches with the moon, and why it’s so important to rest and retreat during certain phases. At The Alchemist’s Kitchen, we’ve also been investigating how to relieve cramps, heavy periods, and severe pain with the power of plants.

In order to create formulas which might alleviate some of the ickier parts of having a period (besides the good stuff, like being able to better tap into our intuition), we collaborated with West Coast herbalist Megan Gurule. With her help, we created a Moontime tincture and a Moontime topical balm, both infused with CBD, with the intention to respect and honor your period.

Why CBD? New studies have linked the endocannabinoid system to endometriosis, and cannabinoids may help manage pain related to different hormonal conditions.

The Moontime tincture includes red raspberry leaf, motherwort, skullcap, crampbark, dandelion root, and rosehips, all herbs traditionally used to balance hormones and have a more comfortable period.

The balm, though formulated for periods, can also be used for general pain relief. “Arnica flowers are an excellent ally for easing menstrual cramps; comfrey is another great ally to help ease pain and reduce swelling and inflammation; lavender helps soothe and calm the nerves; plantain is a true friend to your skin; roses provide a loving, peaceful energy to the salve; and sunflower oil is high in linoleic acid,” says Megan Gurule, on crafting the formula for the balm and why she chose certain ingredients.

The topical balm also contains 600 mg of CBD per jar.

Claire Crookston, our Senior Buyer at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, helped to formulate Moontime Tincture and Moontime Soothe. “I never realized just how many women struggle with hormonal imbalances, painful periods, and debilitating PMS symptoms until I opened up about my own challenges two years ago, “ Crookston said. “I was at my wits end to find a natural remedy to ailments that not only hindered me physically but also mentally, ultimately affecting relationships, work, and my overall well-being.”

“The idea that your period only affects you for the first phase of your cycle is completely false and the narrative around a more holistic approach to complete hormone health is increasingly more important, especially as we age and our bodies continue to change,” continued Crookston.

And with our Moontime Tincture and Moontime Soothe, it’s an idea that we at Alchemist’s Kitchen can get behind.

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