Sagittarius New Moon: Opening to Possibilities

The Sagittarius New Moon arrives Thursday eve, at 11:20pm Pacific Time, marking a powerful moment for manifestation. Expansive Jupiter forms a conjunction with the Moon, bestowing us with gold light and good fortune. Now is the perfect time to set intentions for the coming year.

via Ethereal Culture:

We’re looking to the sky, releasing limiting beliefs that still hold us back from our truest potentials. We’re calling in the highest versions of ourselves, our relationships, and all aspects of our lives—understanding that anything is possible if we can break free of fear, addictions, and self-defeatism.

Where are we still telling ourselves that we’re unworthy or crazy? That our dreams are impossible to manifest? How are we still filling our voids, rather than approaching situations from wholeness and peace?

This New Moon is helping us claim what’s rightfully ours, while anchoring to our stillness, true power, and quiet resolve.

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