The Astrology of December 2018: Feeling Into Our Wildest Dreams

December begins with Sagittarius the Centaur guiding us toward brighter skies, after a year of deep shadow work. Jupiter has now shifted from Scorpio into Sagittarius, lightening the collective energies. But with Mercury retrograde and Venus returning to Scorpio today, we still have a week to clear up any confusion or turmoil that remains, particularly around communication and relationships. It’s been lonely and challenging times, but we’re now ready to connect with our inspiration, joy, and optimism.

via Ethereal Culture:

With Mars conjunct Neptune, it could still feel difficult to find our way out of the fog. Luckily, Mercury stations direct the first week of December, helping us find our bearings after six months of retrogrades. This is a good time to set pure intentions for the new year, feeling into our wildest dreams and ideals. Meanwhile, we’re raising our sites from our own navels to our communities and the collective well-being. How can we come together in love, compassion, and healing? Patriarchy is upending and the feminine is still finding her throne. No one is at the helm and our only choice is to listen to our own inner authority—questioning our philosophies and solid beliefs while dissolving our dogma and rigidity.


On December 1, Mercury retrograde and Venus both reenter Scorpio. We’re wrapping up some deep inner shadow work, while reflecting on issues of love, intimacy, and sexuality. Relationships could intensify, and anger erupt, as we return to old ground. But we’re finally able to answer questions still lingering from September. Chiron is trining the North Node, and we’re healing old wounds—moving forward with a greater sense of tenderness and resolve.

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