We all have heard of a cleanse, and have either tried a cleanse and failed or did it and found the results uninspiring. It is human tendency to look to do a cleanse to lose weight– or decide that you already eat well and thus do not need a cleanse. With this in mind, it is obvious that many people do not know the true power of a detox cleanse

What is Cleansing?

Cleanses can be deep powerful cellular containers to integrate transformation, reinvention, and redesign. They are often seen as a ceremonial invitation within the new skin we are embodying, just as each season offers a fresh lens to look through. This is why cleanses can be very powerful allies when coupled with the four pillar points of the year Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Fall Equinox. When we realize and recognize that the body is the sacred record keeper that thrives on being updated, only then can we move beyond our daily habitual patterns. 

A yogurt bowl used for a cleanse

Nourishment and Humanity

Cellular nourishment is an activation point to surrender to our humanness, like our habitual patterns. We use this nourishment to walk with a humble heart, while accessing higher dimensions of consciousness with grace and compassion, without losing our connection to one another, our environment, or our Self. Feet on the ground, hearts alive and connected, with a root system of Light offered abundantly through our cells like enlightened water nourishing our bodies from the inside out. After all, our body is a record keeper and if we don’t keep the body updated and current into the heart space then we can oftentimes go unconscious.  

Unconsciousness can actually take over space within us. When we take the timeout through a proper cleanse we take embodied action in the present moment, infusing our heartbeat into every step we take, unifying our current presence with the greater presence of All – past, present, and future. Heightened awareness happens, and our actions begin to align into actions that arise from the awakened heart. Our humanness reveals sacredness and divinity, and our consciousness births new possibilities. The simple, ordinary moments can restore peace in a single breath if we’re present, open, and willing. 

a proper cleanse

How to Have a Proper Cleanse

A proper cleanse can generate a well-balanced Physical,  Emotional, Mental and Spiritual body. Here are some ways to create experience the perfect cleanse:

  1. A still point of inner peace: Every time we come home to that still point of inner peace we recalibrate our own cells, we recalibrate the Earth. Cultivating sacred spaces to have this inner peace generates an atmosphere of love on behalf of all.  
  2. Muscle memory re-education: The old information encoded in our muscle memory contains the outdated patterns from old wounds, traumas, suppressed emotions, and conditioned beliefs. As we recalibrate and embody our divine potential, we can clear the congestion and restore any past discrepancies. Muscle memory re-education reboots our inner operating system, syncing with the direct messaging from the Source.  
  3. Sustainable Energy: When we tap into the potential of empty space of the neocortex of the brain which is free of all debris bliss begins. We experience the sustainability of interconnectedness to all things and all beings in the cosmos. These higher-order neural networks thrive on the proper fuel. The doorway between us and the invisible matrix is regulated by the sugars in our diet, by the excess protein in our food, and by the toxins in our brains.

Find Your Perfect Cleanse

Proper cleansing allows us to change the status quo. We can repair our fragmented brains that keep us from the state of Oneness that is the higher perspective of our higher brain. When we go deep, open with courage and faith, and step into the fire of transformation, we convert the congestion into the fire that holds the most authentic expression and ultimate freedom and newfound vitality!

Join Abhiajot Kaur, KRI Kundalini therapist on our upcoming 7-day  Cellular Nourishment Cleanse. This event couples a nutrient-rich ancient mono-diet practice with a daily Kundalini practice to harmonize the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. Join us and learn how to do a proper cleanse!

Abhaijot Kaur

Abhaijot Kaur is a yogini, humanitarian, healer and Earth steward of the Aquarian age. She splits her time between her home in the East Village, NYC and her Waterfarm on Big Island Hawaii. Powered by inclusiveness and living in harmony with all sentient beings she teaches worldwide the teachings of Kundalini in schools, prisons, teacher trainings, retreats, and corporate wellness. A Kundalini Yoga Therapist, Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher, Holistic Gong Resonance Teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan Healer, and Shamanic Reiki Practitioner with over 20 years experience. Her activations are loved based with the intention of bridging the worlds and creating a sovereign Earth for all.

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