Summer days stretch out ahead of us and with them comes heat-stricken air, unbearable sun, and the constant call of the ocean in our ears. To those who follow that call, they may find themselves on white-sand beaches. And on those beaches, after years of being thrown around by tides and waves, are seashells.

To the naked eye, all those lovely seashells are just the remains of long-gone sea creatures. But, to those versed in sacred geometry, their true meaning and power are revealed. In particular, the geometry of the nautilus shell features exquisite lore and history. Within this article, sacred geometry and the ancient building blocks located within seashells like the nautilus will be explained. Learn how to witness your own growth this summer with just the treasure you can find in the sand!

What is Sacred Geometry?

To many, nature is one vast collection of patterns that all link back to certain elements and meanings. Sacred geometry is the arcane science of seeing through these patterns in our everyday lives. Sacred geometry connects everything in nature. Snowflakes, flowers, blades of grass, trees, even our own DNA is all a part of sacred geometry through the repeating patterns which occur within them. 

These patterns that emerge naturally are said to carry the energy of life and nature throughout them. Repeating patterns are strong both mathematically and spiritually. Sacred geometry is the belief in these patterns and the belief in life.

The Golden Ratio

Before we can get into seashells, we must first discuss the natural phenomena on which sacred geometry exists! The Golden Ratio, also known as the Fibonacci Pattern, is the basis for most sacred geometry. Appearing in hurricanes, sunflowers, and all other natural formations, this spiral shape is thought to be the most perfect shape in the universe. The Golden Ratio is also known as phi, or 1.618 in mathematics. This particular spiral was used throughout history in architecture, classical art, and, as we know, it is naturally occurring in nature. This Golden Ratio is what sacred geometry develops on, and what keeps the energy of the world flowing in its hypnotic and vital spiral motion.

The Golden Ratio

The Nautilus Shell

Countless seashells possess a spiral within them. Most are perfect circles if left unbroken, winding round and round within themselves. In particular, the Chambered Nautilus shell is one that holds an abundance of sacred geometrical wisdom. The Chambered Nautilus is a fossil of a mollusk. This fossil is highly sought after by spiritualists and fossil enthusiasts alike!

The Nautilus shell’s chambers are all used to keep the ancient mollusk buoyant in the deep ocean or allow it to sink when it desires by filling the chambers with water. The shell of the mollusk grows bigger as the mollusk grows, making new chambers each time to ensure a perfect fit. After the creature has passed on, this special shell remains.

Chambered Nautilus Shell

The Power of The Spiral

The Nautilus shell’s symbolism tells us that we must never continue growing. Like the chambers of this shell, once you outgrow one you must continue on to another, forming the levels of your life with each moment of growth you experience. Not one experience can tie us down; as living creatures, we must grow and learn from our environment and create our own chambers to make our perfect fit.

Finding a Nautilus shell is incredibly lucky. If you happen upon one, hold it in your hands and sit in silence for a bit. Run your fingers along the chambered spiral and try to listen to the natural rhythm of the ancient shell. 

Sacred Geometry does well to remind us that we are all connected in some way. The Golden Ratio exists within everyone and every other living thing, and through it, we can find ways to grow and change to become better than we originally were. This summertime, consider how the world around us can change us. Learn from the ancient spirals of the Nautilus shell that life goes on, and we must adjust to it regardless.

Frankie Kavakich


Frankie Kavakich is a published prose and poetry writer and a practicing witch whose love for the occult and horror permeates their everyday life. For eight years, they have studied a variety of practices including kitchen witchery, chaos magick, divination, manifestation, and brujería. Within their writing, Frankie features numerous topics ranging from ghosts and spirits to the importance of community and reliance on nature's bounty. Their great grandmother Nilda was a healer from the rain forests of Puerto Rico, and Frankie is endlessly inspired by the gentle hands and kind hearts of their ancestors.

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