Gift Giving

Rituals in Gift Giving

As the holiday season approaches our thoughts turn to our families and loved ones, as well as our traditions.  This season also brings travel coordinating, decorating, cooking plans and gift giving lists.  The streets and shops being to get busy with the hustle and bustle of all these preparations. Before getting too swept away by

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Sound Healing
Health & Wellness

An Introduction to Sound Healing Methods

What is Sound Healing? Sound healing forms of therapy aim to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health utilizing music and the vibrations of sound.  Research shows sound therapy and vibrational therapy can produce vibrations to improve brain waves. Trained sound healing practitioners guide a person seeking treatment through a variety of aspects that could

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CBD on Planes: Can You Fly with CBD Oil?

The wildly popular CBD oil has become mainstream. For many people, CBD is ingrained in their wellness routines now like a daily multivitamin. For others, it’s crucial for managing their health issues ranging from anxiety to seizures. If CBD products are part of your everyday life, then you want to have access to them even

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