Gemini New Moon: Heartfelt Connections + Meaningful Connections

New Moon

Andy Kehoe

May 22, 2020 — The Gemini New Moon arrives on Friday, at 10:38am Pacific Time, sparking a swell of Gemini energy. The Moon is beckoning us to consider our thoughts, while opening to meaningful, heartfelt dialogues and exchanges. At the same time, Venus, planet of love, is retrograding conjunct Mercury, while square to foggy Neptune. Our minds could feel dreamier than usual, wandering into fantasy, or even confusion.

Via Ethereal Culture.

Luckily, the New Moon is also forming a harmonious trine to Saturn, grounding us into reality. We could harness the intelligence and curiosity of Gemini to notice all that we’re feeling and the patterns we’ve been playing out. Where do we go wrong in love and friendship? Where do we project fantasy or unrealistic expectations onto others? Play out our unresolved family traumas with each other? With so many planets in retrograde, especially the planet of love, we have the chance for profound reflection and recalibration right now. We can observe and question our relationship dynamics and the way we live our lives in general. We’re deciding what we want to discard and what we will carry forward.

Much good could come from our collaborations right now. We could be constructive in our dialogues and begin to build tangible things from our ideas and conversations. Which direction would we like to pursue for the foreseeable future? How can we make a living in this new paradigm, applying our talents, interests, and abilities in meaningful ways? How can we help each other do so?

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