Victoria Libertore has been giving one-on-one intuitive, spiritual and energetic readings to people throughout the U.S. and around the world for 15 years. She has taught spirituality, intuition, guide, chakra, reincarnation, Reiki and creativity workshops at venues such as The Alchemist’s Kitchen, The Assemblage, BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Bust Craftacular, House of Intuition, Hastings College and Otterbein University. She currently lives in California with her wife, dog and two cats. Victoria is also a writer and performer. She is passionate about helping others connect to their intuition and creativity. On Friday, May 22nd, Victoria will be hosting a workshop called  New Moon in Gemini to explore different aspects of the self. You can sign up here!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I am ruled by Pluto in my birth chart. I am always craving growth, change, transmutation . . . but hey, I have a Cancer moon so I like cozy, tea time and nesting as well. If it weren’t for my Leo Rising, I might never leave the house. Libra sun balances it all (more or less). I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Ohio in an incredibly unstable home. I am grateful for this because I really appreciate life! I lived in New York City for 21 years and moved to California 17 months ago. My spiritual home is Bali and hope to have a retreat center there (in partnership with my wife) one day. I’m queer, love animals, make art through writing and performance and I have a passion for liberating others through connecting them to their creativity and intuition.

How did you first come to your work? What was that initiation like?

I saw ‘ghosts’ as a kid, had dreams of deceased relatives and grew up in a home where one of my parents had schizophrenia (or at least was given that label) and was always talking to the unseen. I really came into doing this work myself after an intuitive reading in 2000 in which I was told I was more ‘psychic’ than the reader. She had so much humility in saying that to me and it was a great gift – it gave me permission to start exploring intuitive work through mentorship, books, workshops and hands-on experience. On my website, I go into greater detail about this journey.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

You know, I don’t remember. So I must not be very good at taking advice! Something just popped in my head from way back when I did burlesque. Another burlesque performer said, “Let them see you sweat. You’ll get better tips.” This has always stayed with me. My interpretation is that it’s okay to be working hard or new to something or unsure and still show up and do it to the best of my ability. I don’t have to appear to know everything and I never will. No one is all-knowing and if they tell you they are, run the other way. My other favorite advice is the adage, “Act as if.” This gives me permission to show up for a lot of things and be open to the flow of what happens.

Do you have a favorite plant you work with?

I always circle back to nettle. It has a million benefits. But ultimately it makes me feel grounded and I like the taste!

What do you hope your clients receive in working with you?

I hope for so much! I know what a big deal it is to trust a practitioner. I hope for my clients that they feel empowered, heard, seen and that they walk away with really clear insights and understandings from our session. In a session with me, they will receive messages from their spiritual guides, their energy system, aspects of themselves like their inner child and sometimes visits from relatives/friends on spirit side. Past lives may come up and certainly all the pertinent information for where they are in this lifetime – especially related to purpose, romance, finance, spiritual practice and love of self. I give Reiki (which also works virtually) and do energy work connecting to their chakras and auras. When I mentor people and we meet regularly to deepen their own intuition, and my hope is that they feel EMPOWERED. What I really, really want for all of my clients, friends and people in general is to trust their inner knowing and revel in this precious life.

Thanks, Victoria! You can sign up for her workshop here!

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