Talented intuitive Yarusha Jimenez @sisters_of_eastwick @yarusha1111 has some beautiful insight for what this New Moon in Gemini brings. To book an astrology or tarot reading with Yarusha visit her at: www.sistersofeastwick.com. Yarusha will be part of a Virtual Divination for the New Moon on May 22nd. Sign up here on our virtual learning center!

The new moon in Gemini arrives on May 22nd making a magical trine to Saturn. This new moon will activate our child-like nature and curiosity, while ushering in strong new beginnings. Saturn blesses these new beginnings with longevity and stability. Gemini will own the skies this month since the Sun, Moon, Mercury, North North and Venus are all in its sign. This will be felt with an increase in communication, mental stimulation, new ideas, inspirations, downloads and the desire to socialize. Expect an overflow of information related to the internet, social media, emails, and texting. Gemini helps us be more adaptable, flexible, and active in our lives. This is a wonderful time to learn something new, or pick up an old skill. Gemini rules the nervous system so this might be more activated for many of us. Writing, communicating, meditating, and working with you hands will calm this down.

Aries & Aries rising-

The Gemini new moon brings a surge of new activity in your 3rd house of communication: social media, texting, emails,  new contacts, and new skills. Your mind will ripe with new ideas. Friends, relatives, and clients from the past may try to reconnect with you.

Taurus & Taurus rising-

The Gemini new moon can bring in new financial opportunities as it sparks your 2nd house. Your money and resources are entering a new cycle. These opportunities can be stable and long lasting. Be patient as this will require time to develop. Already existing finances may now be balanced, reevaluated, and budgeted. There may be money issues which can resurface that you might be required to address.

Gemini & Gemini rising-

This is your new moon and it is here to empower you. This is the perfect time to take initiative and implement your new ideas. What you plant now will prove to be long lasting. Go for it! All about you. Powerful new beginnings are now entering your life. The course of your life is truly shifting. Use this new moon to fully step into who and what you desire to be. Don’t hold back.

Cancer & Cancel rising-

The new moon in Gemini is activating your 12th house. This will be a more introspective and behind the scenes month for you. Resting and relaxing is healing as you may feel more tired. Your dreams will be active and more communicative. People from the past may reappear in real life or in dreams. These are real meetings.

Leo & Leo rising –

The Gemini new moon lights up your 11th house. There is a new surge of energy rushing into your social arena. New opportunities with networking, friendships, and groups can form. These connections can be long lasting. Friends from the past can return and pay a visit.

Virgo & Virgo rising-

The Gemini new moon lights up your 10th house. New career and professional opportunities may enter your life. These will be long lasting but may take time to develop. A new career path may begin. Old career projects can be worked on.

Libra & Libra rising-

The Gemini new moon ignited your 9th house of expansion. A new path of learning and education may begin. A new spiritual or belief system may birth itself. A new teacher or teachers can come into your life and broaden your horizons.

Scorpio & Scorpio rising-

The Gemini new moon lights up your own house, the 8th house. This brings in a new cycle in your psychic gifts. You have the opportunity to actively go deeper into your healing process. Your personal power now takes on a new transformative direction. A new hidden emotional strength will emerge with time. Intimacy with a partner can deepen.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius rising-

The Gemini new moon lights up your 7th house. New relationships now enter your life. These can prove to be long lasting with time. Past romantic partners may now communicate with you and make themselves known.

Capricorn & Capricorn rising-

The Gemini new moon lights up your 6th house. New work and job possibilities may present themselves in a stable way. A new health routine can become a staple in your life.  An old work project or employer may resurface.

Aquarius & Aquarius rising-

The Gemini new moon lights up your 5th house. New creative projects or collaborations can enter your life. New romantic opportunities can spark up. All of this will be more stabilized and long lasting. You may find yourself in the limelight. Old creative projects and lovers’ affairs can return.

Pisces & Pisces rising-

The new moon in Gemini kisses your 4th house. Your home and family enter a new cycle which can feel more rewarding. This is a private energy which brings an emotional rejuvenation. New home decorating or new property is a positive for you. Reconnecting with family can bring you clarity and healing.

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Yarusha Jimenez

Yarusha Jimenez began her journey into tarot, astrology, and the occult at a very young age. A truth seeking Sagittarius with her sun in the 8th house , she possesses the deep transformative waters of scorpio, Yarusha has always been guided by her fiery instincts, deep emotion, and psychic abilities. Yarusha studied tarot with Lindsay Mack and completed her wild soul education. Yarusha works from her intuition, and creates a space for her clients where they can experience the gift of letting go. Yarusha studied tarot with Lindsay Mack and completed her wild soul education. Yarusha works from her intuition, and creates a space for her clients where they can experience the gift of letting go. She is self-taught in astrology and believes it to be the blueprint of your soul. As she has honored the wisdom of her natal chart and stepped into her charts vibration, she has become a channel who can communicate with guides. To book an astrology or tarot reading with Yarusha visit her at: www.sistersofeastwick.com. You can find her instagram at @sistersofeastwick or @yarusha1111

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