Introducing: Plant Alchemy Rose Bud CBD Hydrating Facial Toner Spray

Plant Alchemy Rose Bud Facial Toner

As the days grow shorter and colder, it’s the perfect time to revamp your skincare routine! As writer Faye Sakellardis wrote so aptly in an earlier article, “The rose is widely recognized as the inimitable symbol of beauty and love. Its lush petals, majestic arrangement and vivid colors, particularly the classic red rose, evoke sensuality and romanticism, making it a popular ornamental flower and age-old subject of reverence in art, literature, and mythology. The rose is also a highly valued herb in traditional and modern herbal medicine.”

What more could you want in your skincare routine but a daily reminder of sensuality and beauty?

Formulated with organic and wild harvested rose petals and buds, comfrey root, witch hazel leaves and bark, calendula flowers, arnica flowers, frankincense resin, and aloe vera gel, this facial toner not only nourishes your skin but serves a reminder to open your heart.

Plant Alchemy collaborated with herbalist Lauren Raba from Catskill Botanicals, who wrote,

Rose Bud Facial Toner gives a silky feel to the face… Close your eyes and use on tired eyes to combat puffiness and dark circles. Smells amazing and repels bugs with lavender, rose geranium, and geranium. A true divinity that compliments any skin care routine.”

Why add Plant Alchemy’s organic full spectrum hemp-derived CBD?

“What’s clear from numerous studies is that CBD oil functions as an anti-inflammatory. So how does that translate to skin care? One way is its ability to help calm skin, particularly skin that’s acne-prone. Because acne is an inflammatory condition, research indicates CBD’s soothing properties can help diminish breakouts and reduce redness. Surprisingly, recent findings also show that CBD has the potential to decrease excessive sebum (oil) production, as well as help offset other triggers of acne,” writes skincare company Paula’s Choice.

CBD allows this toner to hydrate the skin, while also relieving ailments like sunburns and uneven skin tones. The toner also pairs well with our Calming Calendula Face Oil.

How best to use?

After cleansing the face, spray 2-3 pumps generously onto the face before a face oil, serum, or moisturizer. Can also be applied over make up for a refreshing and calming feeling morning or night, or all day long.

To learn more about the rose, read Faye’s article where she interviews Wise Woman herbalist Robin Rose Bennett. Find the Rose Bud CBD Hydrating Facial Toner here! To learn more skincare options, and how to incorporate CBD into your routine, click here. 

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