Scorpio New Moon: True Intimacy

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October 27, 2019 — The Scorpio New Moon arrives on Sunday, directly opposite Uranus, the Great Awakener, who brings sudden change. With Uranus involved, this Scorpio New Moon is particularly transformative. We have the chance now to dive into the depths of our shadows, especially in our relationships, and liberate from the places where we’re most stuck.

Via Ethereal Culture.

As we move closer to the paradigm shift of 2020, revolutionary energies are brewing. With sudden shock, we’re dislodging from unconscious matter that’s been blocking us from a more aligned future. Conflicts and surprises could arise now, but for the sake of restoring peace.

The leaves have fallen, and there’s nowhere to hide. We have no choice but to become more authentic with ourselves and each other. We’re ready to flow and surrender to the tides of change, as they crash and carry us forward.

This Scorpio New Moon is eliciting powerful fresh starts, potentially bringing new and passionate connections. Meanwhile, we can trust that anything that falls apart is meant to. The universe is adjusting our lives to a bigger plan.

We might ask ourselves:

Where have we been holding ourselves back? Dishonest with ourselves or others? Afraid of revealing our truths?

Intimacy is telling another person what we’re afraid to say. If we can do that now, revealing our raw, vulnerable, innermost selves, we can grow exponentially. We can wildly mature, both within ourselves and our relationships.

It’s time to be confrontationally tender—honest about our mistakes, love, resentments, and affections.

The old paradigm has been encouraging our repression. Now, we can liberate ourselves, saying exactly how we feel—facing our fears and letting go. Outworn patterns that stem from our wounded selves are no longer working. Uranus is not about slow growth, but instant liberation—the lightning bolt change that can happen right now.

The tension of the arrow is releasing, flinging us forward. If we’ve been resisting change, true pleasure—or if we’ve remained shackled to old habits, external authority, or supposed-to’s—the planets could now surprise us with unexpected events.

We can embrace our chance to course-correct, looking honestly at our mistakes and where we’ve gone wrong. This way, we can connect to one another with much greater nuance, maturity, acceptance, and understanding. After all, Mars in Libra is driving us toward more spacious embrace, as the Scorpio New Moon deepens our plunge into the cauldron of fearless surrender.

On this Scorpio New Moon, may we break free of old ruts, wounds, fears, and repressions. May we dive into deeper intimacy, feeling the power of revealing our authentic selves—our messiness, vulnerability, love, and true desires.

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