Open Your Heart to Plants through Meditation

Open Your Heart to Plants through Meditation

Truly connecting with plants means more than just ingesting them. They are silent yet alive and waiting to speak to those who listen. Communicating with a plant through intentional, meditative communion allows you to receive its vibrational energy, the language with which it can speak with you. Sage. L. Maurer writes beautifully on Herbal Academy of New England’s Herbarium blog about how to open one’s self up to plants through guided mediation, and engage in a spiritual, wordless exchange that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

She writes:

By communing with a plant, we learn to receive and sense energy and vibration, the universal language all things speak. This energy is received through the physical body and the energetic body, through the nervous system, and through the intelligent consciousness of our entire being. We close your eyes and enter in, dropping into a space of inner stillness and retreat. We arrive within the ecology of our body, an ecosystem of thousands of conscious parts, as all parts communicate and receive energy from the world around us. We invite a plant in, and it is received by each of our organs, cells, and tissues as it passes through us both physically and energetically.

Maurer goes on to explain the beauty of deep listening and connoting with plants, and offers a helpful guide on how to open one’s heart to a plant. You can read the full article here.

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