Sleep Better with these 7 Herbal Remedies

Sleep Better with these 7 Herbal Remedies

A restless night of tossing and turning is enough to wear you down for the entire next day. In this article from Herbal Academy of New England, 7 herbal remedies are suggested, with each one’s unique aid to the body explained. Whether it’s anxious thoughts or physical ailments keeping you up, these herbs address a variety of reasons our bodies resist sleep.

For wired minds that can’t stop thinking, lemon balm might do the trick:

Lemon Balm
This one might be more appropriate for those with anxiety-related insomnia. Another wonder-herb, lemon balm is a mint used to treat everything from insomnia to heartburn and cold sores. It contains a wide class of chemicals called terpenes which are known to calm nerves and reduce anxiety. A study was conducted testing the effects of lemon balm and valerian on restlessness and dyssomnia (a class of disorders that make sleeping difficult) in children. The study found that 80.9% of children with sleeping disorders managed to get a better night’s sleep (Muller and Klement, 2006). That’s nothing to sneeze at!

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