The Astrology of June 2019: Dropping Our Heads Into Our Hearts

The Astrology of June 2019: Dropping Our Heads Into Our Hearts


We begin June with Gemini, the Twins, stirring up a flurry of thoughts, feelings, and communications. We may feel anxious, swimming in an onslaught of words and mental stimulation. This would be a good time to meditate and ground, finding quiet balance beneath our airiness and angst.

Via Ethereal Culture.

With Mars in Cancer this month, it’s important to clarify our deeper emotional needs and desires, even saying them aloud. Saturn and Pluto are continuing their tight orb with the South Node, calling us to purify old habits and karma. Now, with June’s transits, we’re specifically transforming our communications and interactions with others. Where can we hold more space to listen, really hearing those who’ve been silenced or misunderstood? Where do we need to step into greater courage, expressing unspoken truths while setting firmer boundaries? This is a powerful month to reach higher levels of understanding, truth, and communication with everyone in our lives, beginning with ourselves.

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