October begins with Libra in command, the sign of beauty filling the world with color—the leaves changing in the Northern Hemisphere, spring flowers blooming in the Southern. Libra is the sign of relationships and harmony, represented by the Scales of Justice. Even though romantic Libra is at the helms, in many ways this month is ruled by deep Scorpionic undercurrents. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, will confront us with unconscious matter that’s ready to transform. Profound change and breakthroughs are possible if we face our fears and most hidden shadows.

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For much of the month, Venus will move through Scorpio, Mars through Libra. The feminine and masculine planets will be in mutual reception—inhabiting the opposite signs they rule. The nurturing, compassionate feminine is stepping into greater power as the forceful masculine recalibrates, softens, and finds balance. Difficult secrets are emerging so we can establish greater peace, love, intimacy, and harmony. The key is to become more honest and authentic, with ourselves and each other. Our relationships are improving and maturing, as we own our mistakes and finally learn to listen.


Mars opposes Chiron on October 9, empowering our tender warriorship, while leaving us a bit vulnerable. We’re working through old wounds within ourselves that have been showing up in our relationships. At the same time, we’re stepping up to fight for peace and harmony in the world. Children are continuing to blaze trails and lead the way forward. After all, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in Aries—sign of children and leadership—where it will remain for the next seven years.


Our emotions crescendo on the Aries Full Moon, which arrives on October 13. Falling along the Aries-Libra axis, this Moon exposes tensions between our individual desires and our relationships with others. The Sun and Moon are in tight square with Pluto, who’s still in wide conjunction to Saturn and the South Node. This means we have the chance to further release old conditioning—from our parents and society—and to purify outworn habits and karma. The feminine is continuing to revolutionize and step into her power as we move into an age that is deeper, more spiritual, and caring. At the same time, the masculine is still healing. As Mars in Libra continues to oppose Chiron in Aries, we’re learning to lay down our arms and listen to each other, as we soften our reactivity and divisiveness. We might ask ourselves: How can we balance our anger with openness, our diplomacy with fearlessness and strength?


The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23. The leaves are falling, exposing the skeletons of trees. We’re left bare as we look deeply at ourselves and each other. We’re finding the courage to face and transmute our fears, as they become adornments of wisdom.


The month ends with a Scorpio New Moon on October 27, directly opposite Uranus, the Great Awakener, who brings sudden change. Scorpio is the sign of our shadows, sexuality, and inner power. A Scorpio New Moon allows us to shift into a new internal phase, especially with Mercury preparing to station retrograde on October 31.

With Uranus involved, this New Moon is particularly transformative. We have the chance to dive into the depths of our shadows, even in our relationships, and liberate from the places where we’re most stuck.

As we move closer to the paradigm shift of 2020, revolutionary energies are brewing. With sudden shock, we’re dislodging from unconscious matter that’s been blocking us from a more aligned future. Conflicts and surprises could arise now, but for the sake of restoring peace.

The leaves have fallen, and there’s nowhere to hide. We have no choice but to become more authentic with ourselves and each other. We must flow and surrender to the tides of change, as they crash and carry us forward.


While October is ruled by harmonious, relationship-oriented Libra, Scorpionic undercurrents are even more powerful this month. The Lord of the Underworld is taking us to the places we fear most—old traumas, vulnerabilities, and hidden secrets. We have the opportunity for profound liberation and breakthrough. It may not be easy, but we’re finally dislodging from our places of stuckness, within ourselves, our relationships, and the collective. Change is inevitable, and the more we accept that, the more we’ll be able to flow with the currents and contribute to building the new paradigm in more meaningful ways. At the same time, we’re healing our anger and divisiveness and learning to listen, as we hold each other’s hands and walk through the fires of transformation. The paradigm shift of 2020 is on the horizon. As we enter the chaos of rebirth, we can remember to open our hearts again and again. As things fall apart, what remains? Our indestructible selves—our infinite love, authenticity, interconnection, and primordial wisdom.

As the changing winds jostle the leaves, may we allow ourselves to be exposed, vulnerable, and bare. May we find the courage to meet our self-loathing as it rises in burning waves, releasing into golden wisdom, love, and profound acceptance.

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Juliana McCarthy

For more than twenty years, Juliana McCarthy has been studying and practicing Western Astrology, finding it to be a powerful tool for self-exploration and examining how we relate to others. She loves working with people to help them understand their authentic selves—their complexities, gifts, karma, and life paths. In particular, she finds Astrology to be helpful for major transitions, unexpected life changes, and for better understanding relationships—romantic and otherwise. Juliana also practices Energy Healing, using a blend of Reiki and shamanic methods. She helps facilitate powerful breakthroughs by clearing blockages around physical, spiritual, relationship, and emotional difficulties. A longtime student of Tibetan Buddhism, she's an avid meditator and spiritual practitioner.

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