From the cliffs and valleys of Peru comes an indigenous plant that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Maca is a root that possesses a plethora of health benefits. To best utilize this plant, we must understand all its facts and flaws. In particular, we must understand how Black Maca, the rarest of all maca harvested, is the pinnacle of this root herb. What can maca do for you? And why is Black Maca so rare? Discover the Black Maca benefits and more at The Alchemist’s Kitchen!

Maca root sliced and drying

Maca: Cultivation, Mysticism, and More

As mentioned above, maca is indigenous to Peru, particularly the Andes of Bolivia. They prefer high, dry air to something closer to sea level. Nowadays, maca is grown in fields and harvested during October and November rainy seasons. Without weeds, pesticides, and such an unusual environment needed for farming makes maca a clean but hard to obtain root. That simple fact makes it all the more worth investing in!

Maca root’s very existence is considered an irreplaceable metaphysical property. To many holistic individuals, the maca root is considered a plant that helps us adapt to change. It perseveres beyond inhabitable weather and comes out better and stronger for it. Beyond that, maca, and black maca, mainly aids brain function and cognitive clarity. Have memory issues? Black Maca’s benefits may be able to aid you in that department. Many herbalists also believe maca increases libido, especially in men, thanks to this 2010 study.

Other pluses of using all the parts of maca include decreasing the risk of sunburn, lowering blood pressure, and heightening bad moods. It’s a great herb to include in smoothies and drinks as it can be powdered.

Dried and sliced black maca

Black Maca Benefits and Uses

We at The Alchemist’s Kitchen understand and adore the power that black maca holds over us. For that very reason, we offer a variety of maca-infused supplements and pills that you can use to harness the masculine energy and health benefits of this vital and powerful root.

Our most popular and well-known supplement is the Black Maca Capsules. Take these capsules once daily and see the drastic changes come towards you with hope, joy, and a little bit of that masculine vitality.

Black maca

The Need for Masculine Energy

The human body is made up of many different ideals and energies. In Ancient Chinese philosophy, like Confucianism, Yin and Yang are two halves of one whole cycle. And these same philosophies correlate with gender. Yin is the feminine energy and the shadow and darkness within all beings. Yang is the masculine energy, the sunlight, and the positive thoughts that exist. Both sides of yin and yang balance each other out. Too much yin may bring in dark thoughts, and too much yang may make someone reckless and air-headed. 

Black Maca may share the darkness of Yin, but it is genuinely a masculine herb. This powerful herb replenishes masculine energy and balances out the feminine energy within. A balanced body means less stress, better sleep, and a better mood. Consider the act of balancing vital to you picking up Black Maca as a supplement!

Overall, just be sure to look into all the benefits and side effects like you would with any medicine. Remember, Black Maca can help you if you let it. Just be sure to check with your doctor and herbalist before adding a new supplement to your repertoire!

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Frankie Kavakich is a published prose and poetry writer and a practicing witch whose love for the occult and horror permeates their everyday life. For eight years, they have studied a variety of practices including kitchen witchery, chaos magick, divination, manifestation, and brujería. Within their writing, Frankie features numerous topics ranging from ghosts and spirits to the importance of community and reliance on nature's bounty. Their great grandmother Nilda was a healer from the rain forests of Puerto Rico, and Frankie is endlessly inspired by the gentle hands and kind hearts of their ancestors.

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