With 2022 rapidly coming to an end and the new year upon us, now is an excellent time to consider the changes you want to make in your life. How you spend the days and hours leading up to midnight might set the tone for the rest of the year. Whether your New Year’s Eve plans include a quiet night at home or a party with all of your friends, taking steps to celebrate more mindfully can have a long-term impact that will last the rest of the year.

Here are five things you can do to start 2023 feeling intentional, present, and excited to make this year your healthiest year yet:

Let the past go

Many of us see 2023 as a continuation of 2022 and all . However, the start of a new year represents an opportunity to start over. That involves letting go of what is keeping you stuck in the past. A ritual to inspire release is an excellent technique to rid yourself of the baggage you don’t want to carry into 2023. You can do either a physical pattern or a mental practice.

The burning bowl ritual is my personal favorite. You begin by writing down everything you wish to let go of on paper. Next, choose a safe location to start a fire, like a large pot, bowl, or fireplace. Visualize your undesired thoughts being released into the universe as you toss your paper into the fire and see your words transform to smoke.

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Set goals for what you want your life to look like

The law of attraction is a universal theory that helps to manifest the life you aspire to lead. For some, these changes may be small, but for others, they may be more significant. While you may have already planned out your goals for 2023, manifesting allows you to send your intentions into the world.

Manifestation notebooks and calendars are great tools to encourage writing as a means of directing and focusing your energy. Putting your desires on paper is documenting exactly what you want to attract in the coming year. Vision boards can be a fun method for right-brained people to do the same thing but tend to be more visual. Check out our Intention Setting Meditation here for more inspiration.

Make your sleep health a priority

A good night sleep is the basis for anything and everything you want to attract into your life. Good sleep habits means getting regular and restful sleep. If you are getting enough good sleep, it’s easier to maintain proper mental and physical health and a higher quality of life.

But the quality of your sleep can be impacted by everything that goes on throughout the day, not just the brief time leading up to bed. What you eat, drink, and even think about can significantly impact your ability to get a good night’s rest. Try establishing healthy bedtime routines and maintain a pre-bedtime ritual that might include a warm tub, gentle stretching, meditation, or music.

If sleep is a priority for you in the new year, try to be more mindful of your caffeine and alcohol consumption. Set a drink limit when you go out, or try the nonalcoholic route by sipping cocktails made with nonalcoholic spirits like ***. There’s no reason to go empty-handed on an alcohol-free or alcohol-light night. Try some of our state-changing elixirs for festive and tasty nonalcoholic mocktails or consider making some of your own.

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Create space for clarity and peace

According to research, the environment in which we work and live influence everything from our stress and energy levels to our eating patterns. Our brains prefer order so being mindful of your space is critical. A clear space frees up mental energy, which is an excellent place to begin when making intentions.

This could be an excellent chance to briefly evaluate your place. Check to see if it seems quiet and if any objects are to be stored or given to others. If you’re in the mood for a more significant project, a nice refresh can also help you establish a serene environment. Clearing our space also enables you to prepare for new relationships and ideas to come your way.

Make it stick

Once you’ve decided how you want to spend the following year, having a brief phrase, one word, or a few words to sum it up will help remind you of your intentions. Whether the phrases are about health, relationships, or personal progress, they should be memorable and express your desire for your goals. They should be short too. Be sure to fit your word or phrase on a sticky note so you can remember it and repeat it as necessary. You can even place these notes around your home as a reminder of your intentions.

To good health, prosperity, and happiness!

While New Year’s Eve can be a fantastic night, consider approaching the end of the year with a bit of purpose. Making an effort to consider your final hours of 2022 as a way to help you kick-start new behaviors in 2023. Ring in the New Year with a clear vision of how you want to show up in your life and in the world.

Eileen Costello

Eileen, the powerhouse behind four lovable kiddos, seamlessly balances mom life with digital marketing expertise. By day, she crafts digital masterpieces, decoding SEO mysteries and excelling in social media management. By 5 o'clock, she has transformed from a marketing maven to a mom and dedicated writer. Her writing is a vibrant canvas, sharing tips from superfood crazes to DIY health remedies. Eileen guides her readers through the digital wilderness and towards a wholesome life, one chamomile-infused revelation at a time.

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