Gemini Full Moon: Clarity, Humor + Hope

Image by Daria Petrilli

December 11, 2019 — A Gemini Full Moon arrives on Wednesday at 12:12pm Eastern Time, as the Sun and Moon square otherworldly Neptune in Pisces. We may be feeling overwhelmed by our thoughts, beliefs, and outside information. However, under Gemini’s influence, clarity and humor are within reach. This Full Moon could feel light and hopeful—a relief from Scorpio’s deep waters and all of the Earth influences, which have been dominating the sky of late.

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This Full Moon also marks the opening of the eclipse portal, with the first eclipse of the season arriving in two weeks. During this six-week period, everything could feel intensified. Karma ripens faster, while synchronicities bring revelations and fresh starts.

Meanwhile, Venus, planet of love, has caught up with Saturn and Pluto, who are moving closer to their first exact conjunction on January 12, 2020. We’re powerfully transforming our relationships and determining how we’re going to rebirth our dynamics around love and communication. Pain and old traumas from the past have been rising to the surface, for the sake of healing wounds around love, self-worth, and our creative potentials. We’re now ready to transmute our pain and fear into wisdom, ease, and greater capacity for love—beginning with ourselves.

At the same time, our inner feminine is maturing, shedding outside control so she can step into her power. We’re determining what is true for us, trusting our intuition as we feel the influence of Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn—magic and pragmatism. We’re learning to be both spiritual and practical beings, more holistic in our approaches. We can consider all possibilities carefully and realistically—with tender hearts, open minds, and direct connections to the divine.

The beauty of our pain and confusion is that they’re cleaning the slate for something so new—newer versions of our selves, relationships, lives, and the greater world, infused with more compassion and respect. We’re clearing out rigidity and dogma so we can listen more, with open-minded compassion—Gemini’s gift. We can more easily find objective truth as we blend our practical logic with deep intuition. At the same time, Jupiter is trining Uranus this week, bringing lightning bolt flashes of liberation, freedom, and wild authenticity, themes that will continue to unfold throughout 2020. In many ways, this Gemini Full Moon offers a preview of what’s to come over the next year and decade.

On this Gemini Full Moon, may we release unhealthy thought patterns and rigid belief systems. May we drop into our hearts, trusting ourselves more—feeling what we feel, without fear or shame, as our perspectives open like the rising sun, into curiosity, humor, and non-judgment.

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