Purchasing Hemp Flower in New York State

Hemp Flower

In 2018, when the Federal Farm Bill was signed, hemp was decoupled from cannabis and no longer categorized as a Schedule I drug from the Controlled Substances Act. While marijuana and marijuana-derived products remain illegal on a federal level, the bill states that hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC are now legal to cultivate and sell in all 50 States. CBD cultivated from Hemp is now under the jurisdiction of the FDA and regulatory guidelines are still in the formative stages. Consequently, each of the 50 States are left to interpret federal guidelines and legalization remains in different phases of implementation depending on the State. 

Notably, the form in which one consumes CBD is becoming more important, from micro-dosing a tincture, to a consuming a gelcap, edibles, vaping and sprays. In the case of hemp flower, now cultivated with botanical seed strains of higher potency and quality, the “smokeable” category is of growing interest by consumers seeking fast relief from stress, and anxiety without the impairments associated with a marijuana “high”. 

In the case of New York State, Hemp flower, meaning flower containing less than .3% THC, is legal under current New York state law. New York State is still in the process of approving state hemp regulations and awaiting the approval for a new proposed hemp state bill that regulates the use of hemp as an agricultural commodity. New York  favors farms with hemp processing licenses who are cultivating CBD Hemp and developing a market within the state. 

What to Be Aware of When Purchasing Hemp Flower

  • Be sure that the flower is labeled clearly with type of strain, potency, and source
  • Look for organic, quality hemp flower grown by licensed growers.
  • Be discreet when smoking hemp, and avoid doing so in public (marijuana is still illegal in New York, and New York is still in the process of creating rules and regulations around smoking). 

A reminder: although CBD and hemp flower is legal, CBD is still banned as a food and drink additive in cafes and restaurants due to concerns about regulation and quality. 

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