Having a strong and loving relationship with self is crucial to the foundation of any magickal practice. You need to always be willing, even when times are hard, to show up compassionately for yourself and your goals, and to show up honestly in the ways you may hold yourself back from creating and experiencing the magick you craft in your life.  The goal of this spell is to come back into your own skin with awareness and clothe yourself with love, empowerment, and prosperity. Do this spell when you want to cultivate self-love, reground in your own power, and step into the bountiful beautiful life you deserve to be aligned with.

This spell is best performed on a Sunday (ruled by the Sun to embrace your individual light and truth), Tuesday (ruled by Mars for greater energy, motivation and inspired action), Thursday (ruled by Jupiter for luck and abundance), or a Friday (ruled by Venus for deeper access to love). Perform this spell on a Full Moon, when the power of the moon is at its peak.

Sex magick will be used to manifest, through a connection with the body, greater prosperity, self-love, and attunement to ones life. All magick is simply the use of spiritual + physical energy redirected and manifested back into the physical plane. Sexual energy is energy crafted with the body, love, respect, and passion, natural and primal, and thus its a phenomenal energy to use in magick. The power of an orgasm is an explosion of energy into the world. Using your orgasms as tools for manifestation, if that is not an act of self-love, I don’t know what is. Plus, from my experience, it always works. This particular spell is written for general self-love and prosperity, but the technique can be used for very specific things you’d like to manifest, so feel free to adapt it to your desires.

I feel the need to put a disclaimer: sex magick is only one type of magickal tool, and naturally not suited for everyone, while it is extremely powerful and I would recommend it to anyone it appeals to, if it doesn’t appeal to you or make you feel comfortable, your practice is just as valid and powerful without it.

What you will need:

  • For a bath:  1 cup of epsom salt, 1/2 cup dried rose petals, 1/2 cup dried lavender, optional: 1/2 cup dried damiana.
  • A red candle. (One you can carve into like a chime or tapered candle.)
  • A knife. (For carving your candle.)
  • A lighter.
  • A sensual and grounding oil, I recommend Patchouli oil, Vanilla oil, Cedar Oil, or any oil with a pleasing smell that makes you feel lovely. 
  • More dried rose petals to dress your candle.
  • A self-pleasure tool, hands or toys both work.
  • Sage or incense for cleansing prior to your spell or some sort of clearing object you’re familiar with.

Before you begin your sex magick spell:

  • Clear aside a special place in your room to conduct your spell at a time where you won’t be disturbed, this sex magick should be done in secret, a special time for you and you alone.
  • Gather all your items and place them where you plan to do your spell. Have the affirmation and incantation you will say handy.
  • If you have a cloth satchet, you can put your dried herbs in that and add them directly to your bath water. I recommend boiling your herbs in 6-8 cups of water on the stove for 10 minutes, then you can add the strained herbal infusion to your bath water. 
  • Sage or use incense to cleanse the area where you will do your spell (or if you don’t have sage-visualize a cleansing white light covering you from your head to your toes and your entire surrounding space) to create a sacred shield of protection around you as you conduct you spell.
  • Say a prayer to your higher self and the universal life force energy—or if you’re comfortable, to your spirit guides, guardian angels, and any deities you resonate with—to guide you through your spell, hear you, and protect you.

Conducting your spell:

  • Run yourself a bath to the temperature you like, add your epsom salt, and your herbal infusion. Allow yourself to relax fully into your bath (I recommend at least 20 minutes.)
  • Make sure to rub down your skin with your magickal bath water, and meditate on whether or not there are specific things you’d like to draw in or manifest during the next part of your spell.
  • Once you’ve had your bath and you’re feeling relaxed, move into the room where you set up your spell ingredients. 
  • Take your red candle, and using your knife carve the words “self,” “love,” and “prosperity,” into your candle. 
  • Now take your oil and anoint your candle. 
  • Now that your candle is covered with oil, sprinkle your candle with some of the dried rose petals. 
  • Put your candle down in its holder, or whatever you’ve chosen to catch any residual wax .
  • Now light your candle. 
  • Dip your finger in the candle wax, and place a dot where your sacral chakra is, below your belly button and above your bikini line.

Affirmation to be read aloud before you say your spell:

“I know my physical self is a powerful vessel that is constantly manifesting greater love and prosperity for myself and that which calls me whenever I desire. I experience prosperity and luck everywhere I go, and I know it stems from my sense of self and personal power. I love myself so deeply, it radiates expansively into my relationships and work endeavors. I am invigorated with passion. I am tuned into my emotions, my wants, and needs. I am at home in myself. I am strong. I am loyal to my path and diligent in my process.”

Now say the following spell aloud three times:

This body is my sacred home,

A vessel where love and prosperity grow.

How I got so lucky the moon only knows,

But the fruits of this life are mine to show.

Place your lit candle somewhere you can see it, and as you start to pleasure yourself, you can either watch your candle flame flickering, the full moon shining from your window, or close your eyes while thinking in your mind about the love and prosperity you’ll be experiencing, you can imagine this in tangible scenarios you’d like to manifest, or in symbols like rose petals or money raining down on your body. As you move yourself to a climax, allow the energy of your night and your sex magick to really overcome you, your visualizations growing stronger, your intention held close in your mind. When you hit your moment of orgasm, know your work has been completed and will soon unravel beautifully into your life in very tangible ways. I like to move my candle to my altar and allow it to continue burning to completion so I can look for any shapes or symbols in the candle wax, if you choose, you can extinguish your candle and save it to use again another time.


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Kaylin Brown

Kaylin Brown is a designer, photographer, writer, and tarot reader living in New York City. Kaylin writes success-oriented spells and rituals that draw from years of study and experience in her own magickal practice. Chronic lover of the moon, mushrooms, herbal medicine, astrology, and divination. You can find Kaylin’s work at kaylinbrown.com or on instagram at @psychedelicpeach.

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