Herbalism For Beginners

Many of us who are interested in improving our health and overall wellness have asked how we can do so using plants and herbs. Most of the time we have a specific need or have been experiencing certain symptoms which we wish to remedy. Our active participation in meeting those needs is what we like to call ‘intentions’. Examples of intentions on this site include: Awaken Spirit, Express Gratitude, Find Calm, Make Love, Reduce Pain, Sleep BetterStrengthen Immunity.

Your decision to take responsibility for your health and the understanding that you hold the keys to your own healing is the first step.

While recommendations can be made for botanical remedies and tinctures to satisfy these intentions, it is important to examine what your symptoms are telling you about your underlying physiological and emotional processes and systems, so that the underlying causes can be addressed and in return you can experience optimal health, balance and wellbeing.  

With such a wide array of plants, remedies, tinctures and tonics it can often feel overwhelming and confusing.  Each person is unique with a different constitution. That’s why we recommend asking our herbalists or scheduling a one-on-one consultation to do a comprehensive assessment so you receive personalized recommendations of herbal remedies. Having said that, we believe it’s helpful to share a basic framework in how to incorporate plants into your daily life and health regimen based on our 3-level approach.

1. Foundational

Adaptogenic plants and natural substances help the body adapt to both physical and mental stress and also increase its resilience to stress. They support overall health, not by targeting one specific organ, but by helping the body achieve a state of balance and regulating physiological processes. Adaptogenic herbs are also known as tonic herbs and generally can be taken long term without toxic effects. For most of us, taking adaptogenic herbs on a regular basis is helpful given the stresses that are part of our modern lifestyle. They form the foundation to which other herbs can be added for more specific issues.

2. Curative

Some of us may have specific chronic and acute health issues that range from poor digestion to frequent sinus infections. By consulting with our herbalists you can discover what plants and herbal supplements can benefit you by supporting your body’s own healing mechanisms to reach homeostasis. These herbs should be considered alternative health supplements and do not take the place of consulting a physician when needed. It’s not only about finding the right treatment for certain health issues but also about incorporating plants and herbs into a healthy lifestyle that focuses on prevention and maintenance, based on looking at our bodily systems as a whole.

3. Transformative

The wellbeing of our body, mind and spirit are completely connected and one does not exist in isolation from another. Plants can be very helpful in helping us discover this connection by first making us more attuned to our body so that we pay attention to its inherent intelligence and what it is trying to tell us. People often find that once their bodies are functioning healthily, their minds have more clarity and their spirit is lifted. Plants and herbs have the ability to help raise our consciousness and vibration, and certain plants help us gain more access to our intuition and support our spiritual awakening.

The Journey

As you pay attention to your symptoms, listen to your body and connect to your intuition, you begin to empower yourself for your own healing and transformation. Instead of being focused on short term fixes, you become an active participant creating sustainable, long term health, and shift into a new paradigm of wellbeing.

Wherever you start your journey is perfect. There may be ups and downs and a lot of trial and error and that is all okay! Each of us is unique and finding what works for us takes time. Remember the road to health is an exploration and transformation is a process, so be kind to yourself and accept where you are. You are not alone. We are here to support you.

Take one step at a time and join us on social media, see what information we are sharing and learn more about how to incorporate plants into conscious living as part of your journey of self-transformation. Have fun along the way! If you’re in New York, we invite you to join us at our special events and social gatherings where you can meet like-minded folks on the same path. We look forward to meeting you in person and celebrating the power of plants together.

The Alchemist's Kitchen

The Alchemist's Kitchen is dedicated to connecting you with the power of plants. We believe strongly in the education and instruction on the use of all whole plant formulations and herbal remedies.

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