The Lionsgate Portal: A Gateway To Our Hearts And Higher Realms

Lionsgate Portal

Green Lion Devouring the Sun, from an alchemical and Rosicrucian compendium, ca. 1760

The Lionsgate Portal opens July 26 to August 12, with its peak occurring on August 8. High frequencies of light are pouring in from the Sun and the star Sirius, bringing the opportunity for spiritual awakening and heart expansion.

8/8 is also a powerful moment in numerology, with 8 representing the infinite, as well as power, godliness, and harmony.

Via Ethereal Culture.

In astrology, Sirius is a fixed star in the constellation Cancer, known as our spiritual Sun. Meanwhile, the Earth’s Sun is in Leo, its natural domain. The vitality of both is shining on us, opening gateways to our hearts and to higher realms. If we can sit still and relax, we can receive replenishment now, in both our physical and spiritual bodies.

If we’ve been feeling down or overwhelmed by life, grief, or the state of the world, we might consciously allow these energies to permeate us. It’s a beautiful time for heart healings, awakenings, and opening our psychic abilities and connections to the divine. We may experience downloads, visitations, deep inner peace, and creativity, in powerful waves.

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