How We Experience Love

Season of Love Giveaway

During our Season of Love Giveaway we asked you, our community, to respond to a question asking, “When was a time you were shown love?”

 Your answers inspired us, touched us, and made us laugh. From snack time, to bed time, and all of the moments in between, we are so ecstatic to know all the different ways that our community is feeling the love. 

Cara Kovacs says, “every February we are bombarded with messages that tell us how to attract or celebrate the love of our lives. Whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in-between, you deserve the kind of intimacy that is inspiring; that makes you feel like your cup runneth over.” 

We could not agree more. We hope that you all can feel the love from us and from each other all year long. 

Here are a few of our favorite responses: 

“When I was a teenager, my sister and I left our country as a refugee. We were both 14 and 16 at that time. After about 6 months, my mum came to live with us and left my dad on his own to work and support us from a far. She cooked for us daily so we could come home for lunch, bought way too much groceries at once that the bus driver had to help her!, and showered all the love there is in the world for us so we won’t feel homesick. Bless her, her love (and unspoken sacrifice) to us is a demonstration of love to it’s very core and until now, has stayed in my heart and shaped me to who I am today.”

“I was shown love from myself finally this last month. I left an abusive relationship. I made better choices. I went back to school. I started meditation,yoga and working out. I have goals again and I know I will achieve them! My life has turned upside up!”

“Everyday from my daughter, when she gives me a hug for no apparent reason. It’s the purest love in the world.”

“Every day when I show up to work! I work at a public school and the kid’s show me love everyday. I am very grateful to be able to work with them.”

“My husband and I dance in the kitchen every day!”

“After all these years, whenever my 88-year old Mom bakes my favorite Oatmeal Scotchy cookies I feel loved.”

“When I couldn’t show love to myself I had family, friends, and (even strangers) that showed up and showered me with the love I didn’t know I needed.”

“I suffered a ruptured ovarian cyst at the end of last year, and my partner was absolutely amazing. He would not leave my side in the hospital…making sure to ask the doctors questions that my brain could not think of at the time. When we arrived home he plugged in the heated blanket, poured me tea and placed anything I desired within reach. He made me so comfortable and safe and would not take any thanks for it. Absolute magic man…”

“My 5 yr old wrote a card to me, “I lof mom.””

“Being taught to be true to myself by my grandfather when I really needed to be.”

Didn’t get a chance to tell us? Let us know in the comments below!


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