Rootcha is USA certified company that prides itself on transparency, integrity, and ethics. Its mission is to rid the world of vitamins with harmful or suspicious fillers and chemicals while maintaining ethical sourcing, responsible dosing, and transparent third-party testing results. The Alchemist’s Kitchen has recently started carrying their Magnesium and Zinc High Potency Capsules, which is a powerful and thoughtful combination of vitamins and minerals that help achieve peaceful sleep and muscle recovery. We sat down to chat with this amazing company to learn more about their journey!


Why Rootcha? How did you come to create this company?

The name, Rootcha is based on the principle that a plant is only as strong as it’s roots, and the nutrients it receives. Essential nutritional supplements in many cases fortify you even on a cellular level, which to us feels like, “from the ground up.” We found ourselves thinking of plant metaphors again and again when describing how nutritional supplements work, etc. It’s a completely made up word, but Rootcha felt right for us. Hopeful, and grounded in wellness. 

We created Rootcha as an answer to the many questions we had about the supplements we were taking. Questions we had about ingredient safety, about why some forms of supplements worked better than others for us, and how much of a supplement was too much. The company formed organically when we realized that there were viable answers to these questions and that with the right partnerships and an earnest desire to put wellness before the bottom line, we could manufacture supplements we felt good about taking.

And thankfully, we’ve had a really positive response to our mission. We come from varied backgrounds, but one thing is clear to us. When you raise the bar on quality and standards, you’re going in the right direction, and everything else comes naturally.

Why magnesium and zinc?

This is a really good question, and the result of over a year and a half of research. The short answer being, if we were to take just one supplement, it would be a mag-zinc. We could probably write a book on the subject at this point, but we’ll break it down to three main points.

  1. If you’re an adult in the United States, you are likely deficient in magnesium and zinc according to dietary surveys, and this is especially true for women. There are a lot of reasons for this including current harvesting practices. Studies are telling us that with the average western-diet, we’d need to consume approximately 3000 calories a day to consume enough magnesium.
  1. Divided these essential minerals in easy-to-absorb forms can make a difference in your daily life, but together, working synergistically, we found that the effects are compounding. Improved quality of sleep, reduced stress, a reduction in inflammation, improved immune function and recovery after exercise, are some of the benefits you may feel from correcting a magnesium and zinc deficiency.

But because these two essential minerals are workhorses required for a collective 400+ biochemical reactions in your body, there are a number of clinically silent essential functions that would be supported as well, where otherwise, these functions may be triaging to get by.  The body is truly amazing in its ability to cope with silent, or subclinical deficiencies: juggling depleted nutrient stores so that we can go about our daily lives feeling more or less, okay.

We like to look at the bright side of things. Yes, we may be farming faster than rain can replenish essential nutrients, but we can help nature and our bodies along a little bit to make up for it.

  1. We felt we could do the most good. By focusing on two essential nutrients we could deliver premium forms, and effective dosages. This was a real improvement on multi-supplements, that typically either provide hard to absorb but smaller forms, in the right dosages, or easy to absorb forms but in insufficient dosages. This isn’t the case in all supplements, but is a problem with magnesium and zinc.

How should people approach dosage?

We’re in the “less is more” camp. Especially because bioavailable forms go farther to correct deficiencies than others. On average Americans are estimated to be falling short of magnesium intake by about 25-32mg per day. So if you’re aiming to fill in the gaps in your nutrition, 1 capsule should be sufficient.

On the other hand, if you’re dieting, or restricting your calories in any way, 2 capsules may work better. Men, especially larger men, may want to consider two capsules as their RDA is higher. We also find that customers looking for improved sleep quality, benefit better from two capsules a night, at first, which they can taper back to 1 capsule, after a few months. Our best advise is to consult a doctor to discover how much you should be taking, and to listen to what your body is telling you.

What do you hope the community gets out of their experience using Rootcha?

One of our sayings is “unearth the difference.” What we mean by that is we hope they can really feel the difference in quality and effectiveness.  Even users who have tried magnesium citrate in the past, most likely have not tried fully reacted magnesium citrate, which goes through an extra process for bioavailability and to make it more gentle on the stomach.

We hope they feel empowered by having access to their bottle’s third-party certificate of analysis via the QR code on the label, for both product purity and label accuracy. And feel their confidence bolstered by Rootcha’s policy of disclosing all ingredients, even when we aren’t required to, and of not including potentially harmful or suspect ingredients like titanium dioxide, or carrageenan.

That’s why Rootcha was founded. It’s the mission. So ultimately, we hope the community is enriched by these ambitious standards, and feels grounded by our no-corners-cut practices.

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