Sagittarius New Moon: A Perspective Shift

Sagittarius New Moon

Kanjuro Shibata XX, Sensei

November 26, 2019 — The Sagittarius New Moon arrives on Tuesday at 10:05am Eastern Time, bringing a burst of joy, meaning, and vision, after several weeks of dragging our heels through Scorpio’s shadows. At the same time, Jupiter is crossing the Galactic Center at 27º Sagittarius, and expansive messages are channeling through us from the higher realms. It’s time to raise our gazes toward the horizon, feeling renewed faith in ourselves, our relationships, and trajectories. With brighter hearts, we can relish in the beauty of the Earth, enjoying each step of our journey.

Via Ethereal Culture.

With Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus, we have powerful opportunities now to face old habits and addictions, liberating from our stuckness. Meanwhile, Venus, planet of love, has just entered Capricorn, while conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. We are surveying the land, finding deeper meaning and integrity in our commitments and decision-making. We’re reaching beyond ourselves, joining with others in love and purpose to create a new paradigm, which is ready to begin.

Outmoded systems and structures are falling away. We can hold each other’s hands with open hearts, envisioning what could be. As we embrace our excitement, we can bask in our potentials and the limitless possibilities before us.

Now is the time to lay strong foundations, growing roots so we can expand rapidly toward the sky. It’s time to commit to inspired relationships and contributions so we can do our parts, large or small, to establish a more caring and functional world.

In the rubble of all we’ve outgrown, this is a powerful moment of vision and intention-setting. We’re preparing to roll up our sleeves and begin the important work of rebuilding our lives, relationships, and societies. The rapid change and collapse is making room for something so much better.

On this Sagittarius New Moon, may our hearts beam as we imagine our infinite potentials. May we join together in love, commitment, and joy—releasing the past as we leap into a more inspired, honest, and compassionate future.

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