This season, as we consider practices to connect to our love for ourselves and others, we might go towards ritual, such as spells, prayer, or working with crystals. Crystals can offer a tangible and visible reminder of love, plus, they’re absolutely beautiful to keep around the home. Below, Katherine Stanbury— a modern mystic, yogi, oracle reader, and Reiki crystal healer currently residing at an Ashram in Canada— offers us a guide of crystals to work with this season of love (and beyond)!

Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra

The stone of empathy and forgiveness, the imprint of divine mother energy. Rose quartz helps us see the love in all situations no matter how difficult they may seem. A stone to heal and soothe, dissolving the emotional patterns that hold us back. Helps retrieve parts of the soul after the ending of a relationship. Awakening our compassion and understanding of the divine purpose in all unions. Rose quartz prepares us for a new beginning towards self-love and embracing the endless creative avenues of the heart.

Rhodochrosite: Sacral, Heart, and Crown Chakra

The stone for embracing self-love as a way of life. A magical and powerful crystal, aligning the physical, emotional, and etheric bodies. Awakening our hearts, enabling us to embrace all that we encounter along our path. Rhodochrosite helps one overcome abuse and trauma. Releasing deep pain stored in the body and memories held in the auric field that hold us back from the living the life of our dreams. Empowers us to face our past with compassion; opening doors of light, love, and joy in the present. Used to find one’s soul purpose and clear the path to reunite with soul family. Brings awareness of the infinite source of love within oneself.

Pink Tourmaline: Heart and Crown Chakra

The gift of love, pink tourmaline represents the fragile yet potent divine energy weaving through all of existence. A gentle vibration amplifying the unlimited nature of love beaming within everyone and everything. Unifies the energies of the heart and the angelic realm; helping us hear and trust the guides that are always there for support and counsel. Cleanses the emotional body to deeply connect with the etheric spiritual energy of our higher selves. Clears blockages and opens the heart, making space to give and receive love freely. Awakens awareness of the truth that relationships are a divine union within themselves. A calming crystal that induces tranquil sleep taking us on a sacred journey towards the astral realm.

Rhodonite: Root and Heart Chakra

The stone of patience, helps us embrace the truth that all happens in divine timing. Rhodonite aids letting go of the anxiety that leads to overthinking probabilities that are likely to never occur. Instills faith in oneself and the intelligent Universal blueprint. The stone of presence helping one be in the here and now. Rhodonite has the greatest grounding ability of all the heart stones, bringing love from the emotional realm into physical reality. Melting away impatience and fear, this stone helps us accept the responsibility for the creation of our lives. Awakens our personal power and our ability to make profound changes with our divinely given freewill. Opening paths towards oneness and healing gifts awaiting to be discovered; igniting the desire to help and serve humanity.

Morganite: Heart, Throat and Crown Chakra

The stone of equality, a high vibrational energy balancing the aspects of femininity and masculinity. Morganite is a peaceful peachy stone that clears the heart, freeing us of emotional burdens. Acts as a magnet for the abundance of love available in our present lives. Helping us attract and sustain harmonious bonds with others. Opens communicative pathways to receive the infinite wisdom from our higher self; allowing us to act and speak from our heart center. Enables active listening, helping us hear the lessons and truth in all situations and relationships. Rekindles the lightness and love that is our true nature.

Dioptase: Heart Chakra

The healing heart stone, dioptase is rare and exquisite. Holding the soothing green ray transforming lower vibrations into pure love. Elevating our sense of self and activating higher spiritual energy of the heart. Helping one break free of abusive patterns, releasing unresolved trauma, and clearing blockages caused by trapped emotions. Penetrating the energies of the physical body to heal on a deep and powerful level. Opens us to the divine reality of non-attachment and non-judgement; freeing us of the ego that often puts unnecessary challenges on our path. A resurrection and unification of heart and soul; allowing us to surrender control and have faith that the Universe will bring us where we’re meant to go.

Kunzite: Heart and Crown Chakra

The stone of heart activation and a crystal for love, holding within a higher octave of love unlike anything experienced before. Establishing a powerful link between the heart and spirit, making way for pure unconditional love to flood in and emanate to all. Kunzite helps us stay balanced and committed, even when physically separated from loves ones. Reminds us that relationships are one of the greatest aspects of human existence. Helping us move beyond conflict, expanding our ability to care for all sentient beings. Carries a potent light force, bringing one to a deep meditative peace, enhancing our sense of security and the feeling of being home wherever we are.

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Katherine Stanbury

Katherine Stanbury is a modern mystic, oracle reader, spiritual artist, yin & vinyasa yoga teacher, and Usui Tibetan Reiki practitioner currently residing in New York City. Her practice incorporates crystals, astrology, divination decks, angels, sound healing, color therapy and the chakras. She aims to aid in the awakening of our hearts and minds to Oneness so we may fully embrace our multidimensional existence.

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