The Astrology of March: Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

March 2020

March begins with the Fish leading us through her waters of dreams and surreality. The Sun and Mercury retrograde are in Pisces, submerging us in poetry and confusion. However, we are gathering steam this month, preparing for a pivot point. We are shifting from a phase of reflection, into one of action and greater momentum. By the end of the month, we’ll be paving our way toward a future paradigm.

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The biggest shift this month is Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius on March 21, ending a two-and-a-half year journey through Capricorn. This is also the time of the equinox, when day and night are of equal length, while the Sun moves into fiery Aries. Until then, we are wrapping up heavy karma, disentangling from the past to make room for a revolutionary future. This isn’t the time to cling to what has been—it’s the time to embrace the new.

Aquarius is marked by egalitarianism, objective truth, innovation, and rebellion. If oppressive powers prevent revolution and change, Aquarius will bring shock, chaos, and indignation, demanding that we push forward more quickly. In our personal lives, this means that we’re ready to liberate from stuckness—any places where we’ve been too afraid to let go.

It’s time to elevate and commit to working together to create a kinder world—one that is more reflective of interconnection, and more supportive of our awakening. After all, we are in this together. Aquarius is ready to help us stand up for each other and our basic human rights. He sees our differences as reason to celebrate rather than to divide.

In the throes of changing currents that are ready to push us forward, the month ends with Mars in Aquarius conjunct Saturn. With fires in our bellies, the planets are calling us to practice greater discernment and careful planning, imploring us to write our own future with determination, integrity, and perseverance.


A Virgo Full Moon arrives on March 9, bringing a crescendo to issues of health, self-care, and humility. The opposing Pisces Sun is conjunct Neptune, removing our boundaries and veils, which can make us more sensitive to our feelings and susceptible to illness, while also thwarting our routines. The Virgo-Pisces axis asks us to sit in meditation and feel the connection between our spiritual and physical selves, establishing greater alignment. Can we release control and open our hearts, trusting the universe and our unfoldment, no matter what? Meanwhile, Venus is conjunct Uranus, and we may experience breakthroughs around love, relationships, and creativity. With Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto supporting this Moon, we have the chance for deep transformation. We can purify the past, stepping into greater connection, healing, and consideration for one another.


Mercury stations direct on March 9, in the wake of the Virgo Full Moon. After moving through Pisces, Mercury stations in Aquarius, helping us find more objective truth from the muddle of our minds. Whatever we’ve been contemplating or reflecting upon, we can now integrate it and move forward with greater clarity, insight, and wisdom.


On March 14, Chiron squares the lunar nodes, beckoning us to heal ourselves, our relationships, and the natural world. On every level, we may experience profound healing crises. If we experience pain now, it’s so we can heal. At the same time, Chiron is calling us to repair and restore our sacred connections to the Earth. He’s making us face our wounds, so we can mend our discordance with loving awareness.


During the equinox, on March 19, day and night are of equal length. In the Northern hemisphere, days become longer than night, marking a return to warmth, energy, and light. Pale green buds shoot up from the mulch as we enter a time of creativity, birth, and renewal. In both hemispheres, the Sun is moving into Aries, and we can now reconnect with our fiery passions, excitement, and desires.


Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 22, providing a glimpse into the future. Because of retrogrades, Saturn leaves Aquarius on July 1, then returns again on December 17. This first period of Saturn in Aquarius sets the tone for what’s to come—not only later this year, but over the next 200-year cycle, since Saturn and Jupiter now begin their long dance in air signs. We are becoming more serious about innovation and invention as we learn to operate with less dependence on the Earth’s resources. The emphasis is shifting from materialism and empty achievement onto technology, interconnection, intellectual pursuits, and revolution. We are ready to redefine and reshape our society, coming together in novel ways that break the rules of the status quo. Saturn can create limitation, and we may first experience a struggle between the old and the new, the young and the old—even fascism and revolution. Hierarchical powers may continue to double down as grass roots organizations rise even stronger. These are intense times, and it’s important that we become increasingly self-sufficient, forming communities and friend groups based on mutual support on every level—material, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


The New Moon in Aries arrives on March 24, tightly conjunct Chiron. At the same time, Mars, Aries’ ruler, is conjunct Pluto. The masculine is experiencing wounding and healing, as our anger rises for the sake of rectification and fresh starts. From a vulnerable and sensitive place, we can face our fears and gather strength to move forward in our lives, with greater gentleness, and less ego and aggression.


The month ends with Mars entering Aquarius on March 30, then immediately meeting up with Saturn on March 31. Mars in Aquarius is a warrior for humanity, fighting for change while triggering spiritual awakening. But first, we have to keep our eye on what’s practical, on what makes sense for our long-term future. Saturn makes sure we don’t leap ahead impulsively. We have to plan carefully and strategically. We can determine what will provide the most stability for our long-term future, while liberating us from past ruts.


March presents an interesting shift, as we move from dreamy, introspective Piscean energies at the beginning of the month, toward increased action and momentum by the end. Mercury will station direct in Aquarius on March 9, granting us objective clarity from our seas of confusion. Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21, the same day as the equinox and the Sun’s ingress into Aries. We are now ready to build a future paradigm, and over the next few months, we will experience sneak peaks of what’s to come. Great tension exists between the old and the new, as we work to untangle from our past and plan for a radical future. What feels most aligned for us—body, mind, and spirit? What kind of life or world would most reflect oneness and support for our awakening? Meanwhile, a Virgo Full Moon arrives opposite the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Shortly after, Chiron squares the nodes and conjuncts the Aries New Moon. All of this means that we are likely to experience pain that triggers our healing. The lessons are about surrendering our control, so we can allow for natural unfoldment and direct connection to our divinity. We can remember to wake up from this dream, feeling infinity around us, relaxing and dissolving the tension of our human beliefs and rigidity. From this tender and open-hearted place, we can then encourage one another to work together with love, to create more authentic and compassionate connections and communities. One way or another, change is coming. It’s up to us to rally our courage so we can release the past and embrace the rapidly approaching future.

Pummeled by shifting tides, may our hearts beam with courage in the face of inevitable change. May we allow the chaos of revolution to crash over us, dislodging us from our ruts, while launching us into rebellion and awakening, which will pave the way toward peace, justice, and harmony.

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