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Hot Bath Benefits for Recovery and Self-Care

Sometimes, all you need is a hot bath. Winter comes and goes with its chilly winds and aching limbs, turning our bodies to mush. Those who do manual labor know of these muscle pains the most. Lifting, moving, building, holding – everyone who is using their bodies every day is going to be in dire need of some rest and recovery. 

We at The Alchemist’s Kitchen understand the struggles of caring for the body. Self-care should be a top priority for everyone; sometimes, that self-care can be as simple as taking a hot bath!

Benefits of a Hot Bath

You may wonder: “Why specifically will a hot bath help me?” Well, the answer is simpler than you may think! Have you ever noticed how your body seizes when you jump into a cold pool? Your muscles will contract and move to keep you from getting too cold. This has the benefit of waking you up and producing a rush of endorphins that can uplift your mood. Cold baths can also help calm inflammation. That sounds amazing for an early morning boost, but cold showers or baths aren’t cut it for maximum muscle recovery.

Unlike a cold shower, a hot bath can loosen muscles. Warm water can promote blood flow, especially to muscles, which can help circulate and alleviate any pain from overworking your body. Hot baths are also generally relaxing! Sometimes, that mental stimulation is needed from a cold bath. If you want to settle down for the night, you should run the tap hot! 

Relaxing in a warm bath can increase your happiness, soothe any stressors, and allow you to reach that zen-point that so many hard-working adults crave. 

Take a Hot Bath in Style

There are many ways to gussy up a hot bath. Those in a romantic mood can throw in flower petals like rose or lavender to infuse the bath with their aromatic oils. You can also add bath-safe essential oils to give the bath a different aroma and energy. 

If you want a more modern take on a bathtime soak, though, then we have the perfect thing for you! The Plant Alchemy Unwind Bath Bomb is a lavender-scented, CBD-infused bath bomb that will truly help you unwind after a long and grueling day of work. Made with Epsom Salt, Lavender Essential Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, and Witch Hazel, this fabulous bathtime product will surely whisk that soreness away. 

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