Leo Full Moon: Embracing Our Love + Desire

Leo Full Moon

February 8, 2020 — The Leo Full Moon arrives on Saturday at 11:33pm Pacific Time, reminding us to open our hearts and share our truth, without fear. In the wake of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the collective energies are continuing to ramp up, the chaos mount, while the shadow of Mercury retrograde begins to submerge us in our confusion. In the midst of it all, the Leo Moon is now reminding us of joy, inviting us to laugh, engage in the activities we love, and embrace our pleasure, no matter what.

Via Ethereal Culture.

Going out into the world, we can find like-minded friends and loved ones who support us in our differentness, who don’t cringe at our authentic expressions. We can unite with people we love, and together, radiate our warmth in concentric circles.

In fact, as uncertainty swells, our relationships are moving toward exponential growth and maturation. Venus is joining with Chiron in Aries, and we’re continuing to heal our inner feminine and masculine, our romance and sexuality. We’re becoming more honest and vulnerable with one another, as we understand better that tenderness is strength. We can fulfill our deepest desires of togetherness and connection when we open up and share how we feel, without succumbing to self-doubt or painful expectation.

As we do this, we can break away from external shame, fear, and supposed to’s, clarifying what we want and leaping toward it, like the Lion. What does our innocence yearn for? Who do we love? What we desire?

We are ready to express our heart’s deepest longings as we reveal our deeper truths. We can even live our truths, as we begin to create the lives that we want to inhabit. What do we want to manifest into the long-term future? 

Our hearts love who they love. Why feel ashamed? Even if others reject us or misunderstand us, we can feel regal like the Lion, confident in knowing that our hearts are alive and expanded and capable of loving fully, even in the face of rejection. This isn’t the time to repress ourselves, but to feel the fullness of who we are—playing with our fears of being seen, while enjoying ourselves in ecstasy and mirth.

On this Leo Full Moon, may we stop to remember why we love each other and the world. May we embrace our pleasure and desires, owning our deepest truths, as we replace shame with joy, creativity, and courage.

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