Who are you and how is your work influenced by nature?

I’m a psychedelics and wellness writer, fungi-lover, energy healer, and curious mind. There is never a dull moment in my brain, and I am continually running through ways to change my perspective or gain new insight. I started my journey in wellness about nine years ago, around the time I began to venture out in the world on my own discovering nature in new ways. It wasn’t until I explored magic mushrooms that I really began to connect with nature on a deeper level. It was almost as if I had discovered an entirely new world. Those catalytic moments I’ve spent with psychedelic fungi have inspired my work in psychedelic integration. Further, my certifications in health coaching, energy healing, holistic remedies, and yoni steaming have expanded my perspective even further on the possibilities nature holds. 

While working for psychedelic and wellness companies around the world, I’ve had the privilege to deeply explore cutting-edge research, sacred earth medicines, and healing modalities. This wisdom I have gained guides me through my dharma to help others on their journeys. I strive to influence and educate others to build an intentional relationship with nature, ushering my clients and community to think in new ways, using unconventional techniques and practices to connect to nature in new and exciting ways. 

What was your first memory/experience with the mycelial world?

Whenever I think about my first experience with fungi I think of the first time I recreationally journeyed with magic mushrooms. Growing up, I moved around a lot as an Airforce baby. Though, I finally got settled in Southern Florida for a bit during my teenage years. Rightly so, because my family is very Southern. I was used to eating meals with half a pound of lard and enough sugar to support an in-demand bakehouse. When I first consumed fungi, I’ll be honest with you, I thought they tasted bizarre. At the time, I actually thought mushrooms were a vegetable which to my defense, is a common mistake. The concept of any vegetable other than collard greens or the occasional yam wasn’t really in my frame of mind. 

Anyhow, I consumed the fungi and chased it down with some good ole’ Florida orange juice– not comprehending the actual benefit in citrus’ ability to break down fungi. I remember the mushrooms kicking in while I was in an all-white fluorescent building at a friend’s cheerleading practice when I thought to myself, “I gotta get outta here”. I stepped outside and in hindsight, was very lucky because this building was nestled upon about 10 acres of nothing but grass. Even though this was my first experience with psychedelic fungi, a wave of calm went over me as the peak began. I started watching the evening sky morph into bright tones of oranges and pinks. I listened to the wind carry a tune as it brushed between every blade of grass. This was the first time I ever felt this kind of deep connection with nature. I actually began talking to the earth that surrounded me. As the grass cuddled the sides of my bare feet, I smiled brightly up to the crescent-shaped moon and felt an immense amount of love for nature. This experience not only changed my world-view and my heart but equally shaped the life that I have now. Years later, I began to discover and build an intentional relationship with fungi in an entirely different way.

How do you regularly interact with mushrooms?

The way I interact with fungi changes depending on how I’m feeling, what’s available to me, or my needs at the moment. However, mushroom powders are a staple in my home and I work with Reishi cacao mostly every evening and Chaga tea in the morning or as needed. Chaga was the first medicinal mushroom I discovered so it always has a special place in my heart and my stomach. When I’m not working with powders, I really love exploring mushroom essences and working with the Spirit of particular mushroom species. Sometimes, I will channel the Spirit of specific fungi or ask for guidance through my dreams. 

What mushroom(s) are you the most inspired by?

I’m honestly inspired by all mushrooms. The process of death, reproduction, and rebirth that fungi experience is fascinating to me. I find their fungi-alchemical processes even more intriguing and inspiring. There is a lot of correlation between the life of a mushroom and the life of a human. However, if I were to speak on particular species, I would say I get the most inspiration from functional mushrooms like Cordyceps, Chaga, and Reishi

My body, mind, and soul are most connected when…

Anytime I’m exploring. Exploring is just my nature and it is what drives my life. When I’m reading a good book, in a stimulating conversation, physically trekking through forests, or even walking around New York City, I just feel good. Honestly, I can find ways to explore even in the most mundane activities. However, when I’m able to balance that exploration through both movement and stillness, that’s when I feel my most balanced. 

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Bre Jenkins

Working in the health and wellness industry for over nine years, Bre has gained a substantial amount of knowledge when it comes to taking care of the mind and body. She is currently a freelance writer for several wellness and psychedelics focused platforms and offers Psychedelic Integration Support for her clients. Bre holds certifications in KAP (Kundalini Activation Process), Reiki, Yoni Steaming, Psychedelic Integration, Health Coaching, and more. Through both her personal experience and professional training, Bre is helping others achieve balance through psychedelics, authentic self-expression, and KAP.

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