CBN vs Melatonin: Which is Better?

It is no secret that just about everyone these days has trouble sleeping. For many, the issue is generally one of three: 

  1. Actually getting tired
  2. Falling asleep
  3. Staying asleep.

The options on the market to address this are relatively overwhelming. Pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements, even alcohol. Where does one even begin? I narrowed to what I consider the two healthiest and most popular options while trying to avoid the pharmaceutical route– plant-based remedies and Melatonin!

Melatonin and You

Melatonin is a rather complex compound. It is actually a hormone produced from the amino acid tryptophan and is released in the body at night. This can also be produced in low-light settings or based on the body’s 24-hour circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is essentially the body’s process that regulates our sleep and wake cycle.

As you can imagine, this is why melatonin has offered relief to individuals struggling with sleep issues. Taking melatonin essentially tricks the body into thinking its night time, and it is time to sleep. This can be useful for a brief period, but if you think about you are technically telling your body it’s a different time of day than it actually is. 

The body’s internal clock and rhythm are very important, hence in my opinion taking a compound over a long period of time that is generally only produced at night may not be fortuitous in the long term. This brings us to a plant-based approach.

CBN: Herbal Remedies for Sleep

There is a plethora of herb and plant-based compounds that can offer sedative properties, without being habit-forming or harmful to the body’s cycles. All plants can be viewed as an entire pharmacy of compounds that can have a diverse host of positive effects.

In this case, I am I will use the cannabis plant as an example. Specifically, a compound called cannabinol or CBN. CBN was first discovered in the 1970s and was thought to be the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. Only later did we learn the primary psychoactive compound THC. However, CBN offers an amazing effect for those looking to address sleep issues. 

CBN is 1/10th the psychoactivity of THC, so it is essentially extremely hard to get a buzz from it. This does not negate its therapeutic value, as CBN maintains the sedative properties of THC minus the high feeling. This works specifically well when blended with a full spectrum CBD such as that found in Sleepwell by Plant Alchemy.

CBN vs Melatonin

What is the difference between CBN and melatonin? Good question. The answer is simple but quite useful. While melatonin acts on the body’s circadian rhythm and 24-hour wake-sleep, CBN acts as a rather strong sedative but without the unwanted side effects of sleeping medication such as Ambien or the sedative Xanax. The other added benefit of CBN is that unlike many prescription, OTC medications, or melatonin, many reports there is no next-day hangover or grogginess as well as a full restful night’s sleep cycle.

At the end of the day, more specifically at night, here are some effects to look for in a sleeping aid: 

  1. Non-habit forming
  2. Does not alter the body’s natural mechanisms
  3. Will not lose efficiency over time
  4. Is plant-based and natural.

In terms of at least, these four criteria CBN proves superior to melatonin. I hope this offers some clarification. Find our CBN products and more to discover a Sleepwell night! And rest easy knowing you can make the right decision.


Published by
Jason Erdan

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